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CEC Courses for Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Instructors in Australia and New Zealand

CEC Courses for Fitness Professionals in Australia and New Zealand

Your career as a gym fitness instructor or personal trainer starts here at Fitness Education Online. We offer a wide range of online CECs for personal trainers and programs approved by the most prestigious organisations in Australia and New Zealand, including Fitness Australia, FitRec and REPs.

Earning a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and other specialised courses will broaden your range and boost your employability, whether you choose to work at a gym or navigate your path as an independent trainer and instructor. Select a CEC course provider that guarantees top-notch coaching and exciting educational pathways that will put you on track to becoming a successful, in-demand personal trainer and gym instructor.

Fitness Continuing Education Credits Packages


Experience outdoor boot camp as a participant, then learn the ropes on how to organise your own Bootcamp Program. Earn 20 CECs in this ten to 20-hour course.


Functional Fitness

Prepare to meet the demand for practical training by learning how to incorporate functional training like kettlebell and suspension exercises into your group and individual programs.



Cater to the needs of a broader demographic by earning CECs for various health and fitness specialisations. We offer courses for nutrition coaching, injury rehabilitation, age-oriented programs and more.



After you’ve built your skills and earned your credentials, the next step is marketing your services. Learn how to become a savvy fitness advocate who attracts loyal clients both off and online.