12 Days of Fitmas

Author: Mark Pearce

Christmas is a tricky time for fitness professions.  With most people winding down exercise levels round the Christmas period, bootcamp numbers can start to drop and be unpredictable, but its vital to keep the energy levels up from the coach’s point of view! It can be a great time to bring in some fun sessions, encourage festive dress up and more importantly emphasise the fact that if you still push on in the lead up to Christmas you can limit some of the ‘damage’ of excess that is around the corner.

There is loads of Christmas based sessions but one I did last year seem to work well so take a look…

12 DAYS OF FITMAS (approx. 30-40 mins)

Equipment Required: nothing other than a bit of space and White Board/Large Sheet of Paper

The format is simple for this one and everyone works at their own pace.  Its an Accumulator based workout where you do exercise number 1, then 1 and 2, then 1, 2 and 3, then 1, 2, 3 and 4 etc all the way to 12.

The obvious twist with this one is the exercises rhyme to the tune of ‘12 days of Chrstmas’, although I admit some stretch the rhyming a little but still works great! I suggest writing all the exercises on a white board or sheet of paper so everyone can see them all as they will soon split up depending on fitness levels.

So, all together now…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

  2. DOWN & UPS (walk outs)
  4. CRAWLING BEARS (bear crawls 2m forward, 2m backwards)
  5. 5 BUR-ER-PEES
  7. SITTERS STANDING (sit on the ground and stand back up again)
  8. WALL PUSH PRESSING (wall presses)
  10. LUNGES LEAPING (jump lunges)
  11. SIDEWAYS BENDING (side oblique drops)
  12. RUNNERS RUNNING (a decent distance to stretch their legs, remember when they reach this point, they will be on the final ladder down so can afford to push this station)

Training Points:

  • The length of this session is very dependant on fitness levels of group/individuals.  To avoid the fittest finishing really early and waiting around for the slower members to finish, introduce ‘BONUS’ tasks for the fittest members such as random taps on the shoulder to make them complete different exercises, e.g. 30 secs wall sits (or “sleigh rides”).
  • Although simple to explain, accumulators can be one of the trickiest to run as a coach as you need to be in several places at once.  You need to give plenty or encouragement for the slower members, keep your eyes on form for people doing different at different times, ensuring the quickest members don’t finish super quick and stand around etc.
  • Bring the fun! Keep energy high, really push everyone and make sure you get everyone shouting “5 BUR-ER-PEES!” at the top of their voice every time they reach that stage.

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