12 Rounds: Boxing or Bootcamp?

12 Rounds: Boxing or Bootcamp?

Hi guys! Jono here! How was your weekend? Did you watch the Boxing? Hats off to Jeff Horn… I’m a huge Manny Pacquiao fan… and the fight was definitely controversial but you have to admire the mindset off Horn. He had a dream, he believed it, he put in the work and he achieved that… I love those stories 🙂

Anyways watching the “12 Round” bout got me in the mood for one of my workouts. So, what I want to share today is the “12 Cones” Workout! It’s probably my favorite Bootcamp Workout! If you haven’t played it before it’s a pretty simple concept. The way it works (for example)

50 skips and 1 shuttle run
50 skips, 1 shuttle run AND 2 burpees
50 skips, 1 shuttle run, 2 burpees AND 3 squat jumps
50 skips, 1 shuttle run, 2 burpees, 3 squat jumps AND 4 push-ups
etc. until you get to 12 exercises

I love this workout because all you really need is 12 exercises (I always make the “12” a “120sec” wall sit. The workout pretty much runs itself and you can spend the whole workout walking around – checking out technique and motivating your group)

A couple of tips when running the 12 cones workout:
1: Always start with a constant (e.g. 50 skips) or it can get messy.
2: Only explain the first 3-4 exercises at the start (you’ll be there all day if you explain all 12). Once the first person is up to the next exercises, then you explain it.
3: Add in an “interval” e.g. every 5mins everybody has to stop and do 20 star jumps (just makes it more enjoyable).

Give it a go and let us know what you think 🙂

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