The 2 Biggest Advantages to Using Suspension

Two biggest advantages to using suspension:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. So on Monday I was talking about how important it is for Personal Trainers to specialise in something… and when i decided to specialise in Outdoor Bootcamps i knew i had to master suspension, kettlebells, medballs and battleropes! I decided to master “suspension training” but i realized i never really explained why… so i thought i’d fill you in today 🙂

a) Portability: Suspension Trainers are super light – they literally weight 1 – maybe 2kgs and take up literally no space! I can fit about 6 of them in a little backpack! This was important to me because i knew i could leave this backpack in my car at all times and it wouldn’t weigh the car down or take up any space! If i picked any of the other bits of equipment – they would have weighed the car down and taken up more space…

b) Suitability for everyone: This was probably the biggest advantage for me… I knew that i could use that one suspension trainer for every single client… Whether they are an advanced athlete or an absolute beginner – they use the same suspension trainer… whereas with the other bits of equipment (e.g. kettlebells)… I would need to get an array of different weights and just hope that i had the right weights for the clients…

There are obviously a whole range of other benefits of using a suspension trainer (variety of exercises, emphasis on core strength, posterior chain options, self spotting etc etc)… but the two points above were the “clinchers” that no other bit of equipment offered.

Once i had made my decision… I did everything possible to master the suspension trainer…
A: I used it as much as possible myself to get super comfortable
B: I would introduce the basics to my clients
C: I would do as many different courses in it as possible
D: Repeat steps A, B and C again

I really believe that’s the best way to master something spend a couple years immersing yourself in it!

If you want to master suspension training check the suspension courses on our website. Also if you’re interested in getting more insight into running successful bootcamps, click here to get 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp for FREE


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