2 Reasons Not to Use Kettlebells

2 reasons not to use kettlebells:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m super excited. Brenda and I are attending Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” this weekend (Thursday – Sunday)! I’m a huge fan of Personal Development and making yourself the best possible version of you and Tony is the king of this! Are you coming?

So hey, last week I spoke a lot of Suspension Training and why it’s so important… Another tool is believe is just as important in Outdoor Bootcamp Training is the “Kettlebell”

Now there’s HEAPS of benefits of using Kettlebells but the BIGGEST advantage is the Kettlebell Swing! There’s that many benefits of a Kettlebell Swing – I could write a whole book on it… So I don’t want to get into that side of it + most trainers already know how important it is to include Kettlebell Swings in their Bootcamp Workouts! What I want to talk about is a few issues around Kettlebells and the Fitness Industry.

1) Trainers not being 100% comfortable with their Kettlebell Swing technique. This is perfectly normal… It’s not commonly taught in your studies… I completed a Uni Degree in Sport Science (in two different countries), was an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, had a Cert III and IV in Fitness and had worked in the Fitness Industry for about 5 years before i learnt how to use Kettlebells (the first two gyms I worked at didn’t have Kettlebells)…

What’s important here… Don’t feel “bad” that you’re a Personal Trainer and you’re not 100% sure how to swing a Kettlebell – you weren’t taught… BUT… do something about it… Kettlebells and Kettlebell Swings are AWESOME when done properly… So complete a course in Kettlebells 🙂

2) Trainers knowing how to swing themselves BUT not being able to communicate to their clients how to swing a Kettlebell… This is common with Trainers who are natural athletes / self taught… The problem with this is the trainer “knows” how to do it but doesn’t “know” how to teach it… Now this is important because it’s all well and good if you can do it but if you’re clients can’t – then they are not going to get the benefits and they are going to get injured…

What’s important here… Don’t think your clients are “not able to swing”… Complete a course which gives you step by step specific teaching tools that can teach pretty much anyone to swing a Kettlebell. Check out our Free Kettlebell Mini Series Course Here.


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