2020 New Zealand Exercise Industry Award Winners Announced

In November every year, Exercise New Zealand organises a prestigious black tie event “Exercise Industry Awards” celebrating the amazing work of the fitness and exercise industry! This event is co timed with the FitEx Conference & Hauora Yoga Conference.

At Fitness Education Online, we would like to acknowledge the winners of the 2020 awards. 

Individual Awards

Personal Trainer of the Year Award: Kate Saynor

Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year Award: Erica Stedman

Exercise Instructor of the Year Award: Stephanie Lim Fong

Outstanding Support Award: Lisa Brown

Student of the Year Award: Lisa Lyons

Group Trainer of the Year Award: Christie Houghton

Yoga Teacher of the Year Award: Tilak Raj

Group Exercise Instructor of the Year – Joy McNamara

Educator of the Year: Luigi Bercades

Facility Awards

Supreme Facility of the Year – AUT Millennium!

Franchise Facility of the Year – Anytime Fitness!

Independent Facility of the Year – AUT Millennium

Studio Facility of the Year – Adapted Yoga and Pilates

Programme Categories

Programme Excellence Award: The Run Crew

Innovation Award: Growing Younger Fitness

Community Contribution Award: Les Mills New Zealand

Special Awards

Exercise New Zealand Award: Jean Scott

Skills Active Aotearoa – Manukura Award: Chris McIvor

Skills Active Aotearoa – Te Iti Kahurangi Award: Industrial Fitness

If you’d like more information on how to apply for the awards in 2020 – keep an eye on both the REPS NZ and Exercise NZ websites and social media.



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