3 Bootcamp Checklist : Planes, Chains, Positions

Similar style to an AMRAP but a little more fun :p! 

Simplified version – chose any 6-7 exercises 


20min Accumulator 


Alternate Lunges (each leg)

Push Ups

Kettlebell Swings

Single Arm Kettlebell Bent Over Rows (each arm)

Hip Thrusts


Note 1: Whenever I’m programming exercises for Bootcamp I think 3 things. Multiple planes, multiple chains, multiple positions

Note 2: With the workout I’ve mentioned above – you will need 1 Kettlebell per 4 people… if you don’t have this ratio of Kettlebells – replace one of the Kettlebell exercises with another exercise. 



Complete 3 reps of every exercise


Complete 6 reps of every exercise


Complete 9 reps of every exercise


Complete 12 reps of every exercise 

Etc etc


Repeat for 20mins and see how high you can go! 

 Note: Every 2minutes my timer goes off and all the participants will complete 5 burpees and then continue on with their workout! 

 This part is key because it makes the workout feel less monotonous and more like ‘interval training’ because each 2min interval the workout will be completely different.

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E.g. when you start running the workout the 2min drill might involve doing 3 reps of all 6 exercises, the next 2min drill might involve doing 6 reps of only half the exercises, the next 2mins will involve doing 6 reps of the other half of the exercise. And once you get to the 18th minute – it may take your participants 2mins to complete 20 alternate lunges on each leg!

Note: At random intervals I’ll tap someone on the shoulder – they need to head over to the Battlerope and complete 20 Battlerope slams…. And then continue on! 


The ‘shoulder tap’ just makes it more fun and less predictable! If there’s a really fit participant or someone that’s in front of the rest of the group – pick on them! Chose them over and over again! Plus with a tool like a “Battlerope” it’s really hard to use in a Bootcamp because I doubt you’ll have one for each participant! But using it like this – all you need is one rope per 20 people! 


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