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30 in 30 Workout

March 2, 2022
2 minute read

Hello people! Loren here from Fitness Education Online!

30 in 30 workout is pretty straight forward. So the 30 stands for how many exercises, 30 in 30 workout means 30 exercises in 30 minutes.

I here you. You think it's hard? I know it sounds crazy, 30 minutes, 30 exercises. That's a lot to coach, but it's actually pretty cool. Yes, it's going to be a challenge for your participants and make it that way.

When you're telling them about what's going to happen in the session, let them know that, "Yep, we're going all up, those 30 exercises, back-to-back, getting it done."

And this exercise is ideal for big groups because all you're going to need is four or five agility ladders.

Let's begin!

Our 30 in 30 workout is made up of three stations. We've got an upper body station, an agility ladder station and an upper body station. Each time we're at that station, there's 10 exercises within it. The idea is your whole group is going to move together but we don't want you you to be hitting and splitting coaching. They're all going to be on the same exercise, moving through those three stations.

Our first station is a lower body- body weight station and they are going to pick an exercise.

For example, if they are in the lower body station, they're going to start with squats, 45 seconds up. Then the whole group is going to transition at the end of that 45 seconds. And they've got 15 seconds to get there to do an agility ladder exercise. If you've got four or five agility ladders, you'd be able to get four or five or six people moving on it.

So they've done their lower body. Then they move into an exercise on the agility ladder, 45 seconds, 15 seconds to transition up to station number three, the upper body station. They will do 10 different exercises and believe me, they're not going to get bored.

If you have a big group, this is ideal. The agility ladder is so cheap and so versatile. There is, literally, so many exercises that you can do. So they're going to move each time, lower body, straight to agility ladder, upper body, go back, repeat. Different exercise, lower body, agility ladder, lower body.


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