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4 Most Common Questions Asked by PTs

December 4, 2017
3 minute read

Hi guys! How are you? It's Jono here today. I am SO pumped up! I just landed back in Sydney yesterday after a week and a half of Personal Development in New Zealand and Melbourne! Probably the best couple of weeks of my life... What's important now is that I use this motivation and inspiration! One quote I picked up over the last couple of weeks was "What you KNOW means absolutely nothing... It's what you DO that shapes your life".

Motivation and action is a big part of running a successful Bootcamp so, if you'd like to grow your bootcampp, Check out our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp.

Anyways... The last couple of days I've got the same 3 questions over and over again from Trainers so I thought I should address them in an easy way.
1) My Facebook Group doesn't interact... What do I do?
2) How do I keep my clients motivated over x-mas?
3) How can I make money over x-mas if not running sessions?
4) I want to start training clients online - where do I start?

The answer to all 4 of those questions is exactly the same "run a mini challenge in your Facebook Group".
a) It will get your group interacting in your Facebook Group
b) You take a couple weeks over x-mas BUT run the walking challenge so your clients still have something to do and someone to keep them motivated, accountable and supported.
c) You can charge for it if you want.. e.g. 14 day walking challenge - $14 entry fee (you can also promote it to non - clients too)
d) Whoever participants in the challenge and enjoys it / gets results is prime to upgrade to an online client.

It's also SUPER EASY on your behalf! Let's use the walking challenge as an example... All you do is post a thread at the start of the week saying "walking challenge"... All the participants than comment underneath that thread with the amount of km's they walked that day (their phone tracks it).... that's pretty much it! The emphasis is on the participants to walk a little further each day. You than just "like" the persons comment to show their support and "tag" whoever didn't comment - to show a bit of accountability! It then pretty much runs itself - participants are commenting on each others status and giving encouragement / support / tips etc!

That's EXACTLY what you want in a Facebook Group! It's not about posting funny memes or exercise tips or recipes - people can google that for free! It's about doing something to provide support, motivation, accountability and community - that's something people can't find for free!

If you're not 100% sure how to run these mini challenges - I strongly recommend joining our VIP Membership Program! Not only do you get a whole heap of good stuff in there BUT - we are actually going to do the "Walking Challenge" in there next week with our members! So that way you can
a) Actually participate in it yourself to see how it works
b) Watch how it works when someone else is running it!

To register - just click here to access Fitness Education VIP Membership.
Note: register today and use 'brenda' as your coupon code and you'll get your first month for $1 (cancel anytime)

Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you have the same problems as most trainers. Have you run any challenges? Have you try the walking challenge before? Let me know if the comments below. I'll see you next time, till then 😉

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About The Author: Jono Petrohilos
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Jono is the co-founder and director at Fitness Education Online. Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

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Jono is the current 2020 Fitness Educator of the Year (awarded by Fitness Australia)

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