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Accumulator Workout for Large Groups!

September 8, 2021
2 minute read

A super effective, bodyweight only session which works perfectly for large groups and if you have limited equipment.

As the name suggests, its all about accumulating as many reps as we can in 20 minutes, similar to an AMRAP but adding 3 reps on to each round. 

I like to challenge my clients to set a benchmark for themselves and then gently give them a quiet nudge to aim a little higher, with perfect technique as always. 

The first time through they complete 3 reps, second time 6, third 9, forth 12 and so on until the end of the 20 minutes.

With only 6 exercises, this workout is really easy to coach, to add a little spice and break the boredom I throw in coaching calls when you see they are getting a little tired. 

I like to randomly go around and tap members on the shoulder and give them a different exercise and reps to complete, chosen depending on their ability. 

My super fit people may get sprints, burpees etc, and those who are less abled lunges or crunches, when reps are done, have them resume where they were in the accumulator.

The Workout!

Squat jumps


Walking lunges (3 each side)


TRX Rows

KB swings

Coach Calls –

Ladder lateral hops

10 Med ball slams

So much you can do with this format! Enjoy!

LOWER BODY 15 – 20 mins
– Step ups
– Sumo squats
– Reverse lunges
– Squat to calf raise

CORE 10 – 15 mins
Do 30 reps of each exercise followed by 30 sec rest, then 25 reps – 20 sec rest, 20 reps – 15 sec rest, 15 reps – 10 sec rest, then complete the last 2 ladders back to back.

– Crunches
– Reverse crunches
– Hover hip tap
– Supermans

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