Animal Flow Drills for Bootcamp

Animal Flow Drills for Bootcamp:

G’day guys! It’s Travis here today to finish off the week. As you know I’m a primary school teacher and I’m teaching a year 3 classes. It’s been hectic at school trying to organize a school show coming up in 2 weeks, that right! I have to come up with a dance routine for the show. The theme is creativity and the concept I have chosen is music as an artistic expression and how we’ve listened to, shared and socialize with music throughout history. Starting from the 50s when people would listen to records, moving to the 80s when we used to record songs in a cassette from the radio (that is if you were lucky enough that the announcer didn’t speak halfway through the song!) Finishing with how we listen to music now on our phones and how easy it is to access and share music nowadays. The kids love it and, after each presentation of each decade the kids dance to a song: The twist for the 50s, Smooth criminal for the 80s and Happy for the 2000.

Anyways, following up on our kickboxing workout, today we’ll focus on the cool down part of the session and we’ll do come cool animal flow style drills to finish off Bootcamp with a stretch. We’re going to go with 1 set, 10 round of 30 seconds on and no time off. We’ll go from one movement flowing to the next and making sure we’re creating a bit of flow between the movements. It turns out to be a 5-minute workout.

The idea is to stay up and off the ground (buttocks and knees) for the whole 5 minutes, so we’re basically holding that plank and squat position the whole time.

What I love about the animal flow workout is that they are a bit more relaxing and it’s perfect to finish off a workout session. It’s similar to yoga, however, if fit it a bit more interesting and more active, and not as brutal as a zoo style workout.

Animal flow workout:

  1. Side Kick Through
  2. Loaded Beast Front Step
  3. Bear Crawl
  4. Crab Crawl
  5. Scorpion Reach
  6. Crab Reach Left Arm
  7. Crab Reach Right Arm
  8. Step Kick Through
  9. Loading and Unloading Beast
  10. Side Travelling Ape

I really hope you enjoy this workout. Check out the whole workout below.

I really hope you like this animal flow movement drills and that you try it out at Bootcamp. Let me know in the comments down below what’s your favorite animal flow workout. Can you add one to our list? Let me know below.

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