Awaken The Giant Within: Beliefs

 Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. As you may know at the moment I’m reading a book by Tony Robbins. I’m absolutely loving it and I recommend it to everyone ‘Awaken the Giant within’.

Chapter 3 of the book talks about “Beliefs” I think this is KEY as Bootcamp Instructors and I see it all the time! I speak to AWESOME trainers who don’t believe they can run a successful Bootcamp. They believe “people won’t pay $50 a week for Bootcamp”… and they believe “people won’t commit for 12 weeks”… and they believe “there’s so much competition in my area it’s impossible to be successful”… These trainers are really good trainers but struggle to make a living because of their “beliefs”.

I also speak to a lot of trainers who believe in the power of bootcamps! They believe in their abilities as a trainer and believe their program is AMAZING! They believe their program is worth over $100 a week… BUT they’ll settle and only charge $50 a week for 12 weeks. They believe if they do an amazing job there’s no reason they can’t get 20, 30, 40, 50 people registered for their Bootcamp, and there’s no reason they can’t make $1000, $2000, $3000 a week on Bootcamp working an hour a day. These trainers do whatever it takes to put a service like this together… and they do it!

If you’re struggling with your mindset/belief… I recommend you do 4 things!

1: Start with a basic belief… e.g. people pay on average $60-$80 a week for ONE 60min PT session… so why wouldn’t they pay $50 a week for Bootcamp and get like 5 times more sessions in!

2: Come up with reasons to justify this belief… e.g. speak to real people are who paying more than $50 a week on their training… speak to other bootcamp instructors who are running successful bootcamps… If you surround yourself with people paying more than $50 a week on their training and trainers that are charging more than that for bootcamp then this will give you the social proof… You can no longer believe “it’s impossible” because people are already doing it… You can too!

3: Come up with a triggering event… Easiest way to do this is to think a year or two into the future… If you’re struggling at the moment… Chances are it’s going to be worse in a year or two unless you do something about it… Alternatively – think about what things will be like if you do something about it and it will feel to run a successful bootcamp!

4: Take massive action… It’s all well and good to believe all this but unless you take action and actually do something about it… Then all the belief in the world won’t matter!!!

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to taking massive action to grow your Bootcamp – the best place to start is the Fitness Education Online Bootcamp Package (22CECs)! Click here to check it out!


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