Best Regression for a Kettlebell Swing

Best Regression for a Kettlebell Swing:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I am SOOOO excited… and also SOOOO tired! Hahaha! Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of my idols “Ryan Lee” for our membership site! He is known as the “Godfather” of online Personal Training as he was the first person to do it (back in the ’90s)! He’s also one of the top email marketers in the world (everything I know about email – I learned from Ryan) and runs one of the best membership sites in the world! So it was a big thing for me… Only issue was it was at 2am our time so I’m super tired 🙁

Anyways… What I want to talk about today is a Kettlebell swing regression that isn’t always used… What I’ve seen a lot of in the past is when a client can’t get the hang of a swing – the trainer will just program squats instead… The issue with this is that squats / swings are almost completely opposite movements…. The Swing is a hip dominant – the squat is knee dominant!

This BETTER regression to use is the “Romanian Deadlift”! The Romanian Deadlift is WAY better than a squat as a regression because the movement is essentially exactly the same as a swing (Hip Hinge)! The only real difference is the Romanian Deadlift is less explosive and less ballistic – which makes it a lot safer for beginners! The weight is usually fairly light for this exercise too (e.g. most people will be able to Deadlift WAY more than they can swing)

So if you’re running a Bootcamp and you know you’re going to eventually start programming Kettlebell Swings – it’s a good idea to start everyone off with Deadlifts… Either in a warm up… Or the week before… Or in the first station etc.

One thing to note with Romanian Deadlifts – they can be quite an “easy” movement for people know how to hip hinge (e.g. I can deadlift 60kgs-70kgs no drama’s… so a 12kgs just wouldn’t cut it for me)…. So to make it harder for these people – just make it a “single leg deadlift”… All of a sudden as a unilateral movement it becomes a lot harder as you need to bring the balance component into it!

If you’re not currently trained in Kettlebells I would STRONGLY recommend it… When used correctly Kettlebells are the number 1 tool for Outdoor Trainers! They are portable, can be used anywhere, are able to be used for ballistic movements (e.g. swings), are able to be used to traditional strength movements (e.g. squats / lunges) and offer posterior chain movements that are often so hard in an outdoor setting (e.g. swings, deadlifts, bent over rows, renegade rows).

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