Bootcamp Drills

Bootcamp drills:

Hi guys, it’s Jono here today. I’m just kicking back at Las Vegas Airport! I had an AMAZING time at the convention and learned SO much! Next year is in San Diego and I strongly recommend everyone go for two main reasons:

1: The sessions (workshops, lectures, presentations, workouts etc). These similar to FILEX / FITEX. It’s just cool to get a different perspective on things, see how American presenters / trainers – “present” and ‘teach”… and just as important seeing how the other American participants in the class responded to the teaching.

2: Networking! I’ve now made friends with Trainers from all over the world! Just by hanging out and talking to these trainers, I was able to further myself and see what they are doing in their country! I also was able to connect with some high level entrepreneurs! The US is filled with young entrepreneurs in the fitness industry who are doing amazing things! It was really cool to connect to them!

One of my favourite lectures was the “A – Z” of bootcamp! I actually won a “gold medal” in that seminar (each seminar the presenter gives out a gold medal to whoever participated the most). I picked up some cool drills.

I’m going to add the rest of the drills to our Level 1 Bootcamp course… So if you want to see them a long with a whole lot more, check out todays special course with 10 CEC points and accredited by Fitness Australia: Bootcamp Level 1 (11 CECs).


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