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If you're already working in group fitness, yoga, or Zumba, or just starting out, the FEO course is a great way to upskill, building on your existing knowledge to expand your scope of practice in the industry. This is a no nonsense course that teaches you what you need to know, provides resources to read deeper and the assessments check core learnings. There aren't any tricks or traps - the course is extremely well designed and you'll walk away with solid knowledge and skills. Look out for the option to undertake all your practicals face-to-face -- this is a highly efficient way to complete these tasks over two days, network with fellow students and gain valuable insights from the FEO instructors.
Thanks so much FEO!I had an absolute ball completing this course and it's given me so much confidence. I've got 2 kids and haven't worked in 6 years, fitness has helped me so much the past few years and it makes me so excited to help other people!Everything from the course to the assessments and all the teachers ran so smooth and so easy to understand.Thank you!
I’ve been doing Personal training for 8 months now at the Swan Hill Aquatic and Recreation Centre. I took the kettles course. I like how the videos had good detail and everything was easy to follow. My health manage in Swan Hill said it’s a good course to start with .
I completed certificates 3&4 with FEO and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of it. The team are incredibly friendly and supportive, guiding me the whole way.I also appreciated how I was able to study in my own time. I would highly recommend this course for anybody who is working full time, to someone who is a stay at home parent and needs that extra flexibility.
Kettle Bell Level 1 - Having been in the industry or 14 years as a PT and a Trainer for a local football team I would recommennd this course to anyone in the idustry, primarily for its variability and adaptability to clients of all levels of fitness and skills. The training information is comprehensive without being complicated, videos are very relevent to many training situation with full comentary and explanations.
I’ve just completed my cert 3 and I highly recommend FEO. The course is well structured, the material fun and engaging. Student support was excellent and assessments were marked promptly. I’m looking forward now to getting into my cert 4.
I'm a personal trainer from Perth who does 1:1 training, online training and bootcamps!I can't remember how I found out about Fitness Education Online, I think one of there free mini courses popped up on my FB feed.Currently doing the Sales and Marketing School and am learning so much! Claudia and Roslyn are incredibly knowledgeable and are there to support you through out the course.I enjoyed that it was at your own pace but you also had weekly coaching calls which almost forced you to stay on top of the videos.I have implemented ALOT of this course already. From sales script, how to overcome objections to what to do with your social media accounts.I would recommend anyone who is brand new to the fitness industry to do this course ASAP. As well as anyone who isn't very confident in their sales or marketing skills.Highly recommend this course.
I have been in the fitness industry for 35years. I recently completed Myofascial Essentials for PT's. I thought this course contained valuable tools to help PT's train clients from sedentary to elite sports athletes, helping them to become supremely functional and successful. It makes so much sense and is incredibly easy to implement. There is an extensive amount of take home value and and a must have for all PT's. It is delivered in a easy to understand and relaxed learning environment. Thank you Ausactive for making this course available. Rhonda.
My name is Rhonda, I am based in Brisbane and have been a group fitness instructor for over 34 years. I just completed Trng older adults levels 1 & 2. I really enjoyed the ease of doing the course, the level of expertise and professionalism of the presenters and the continued access to learning tools. I would recommend this course to anyone contemplating on a career working with older adults and to discover how intellectually and financially rewarding this demograhic are to work with.
I did Myofascial Training for P.T’s. I really enjoyed the course. I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I coach competitive swimming, fitness classes, Pilates specific for swimming, P.T with a variety of clients. The age groups I work with children to older adults. The course really made me think out of the box, think about more functional exercisers which I always thought was more relevant to what I instruct. J.P, reinforced this for me, which was very pleasing. I found doing the course very easy to watch & understand. J.P, has lots of energy & makes the course very interesting & easy to follow. I would recommend this course.
I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years and re-certified many times. I have just completed the Training Seniors package, Level 1 and 2.The information provided is very comprehensive and I found that there is a lot of information that I can directly transfer to my current training. I have many clients that are advancing in years and this course covers many situations and health issues that people go through as they approach their 60’s and 70’s. Well worth it.
Training clients with disabilities and special needs L1 is great course I recommend to all trainers. Its self paced and there a some great ideas for all athletes you can use. I have already signes up for the next one!
I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years. Just completed the pregnancy summit course. I definitely recommend this course for trainers who have mostly females as their client base.
I completed the exercise for older adults level 1 and 2. It was easy to negotiate and full of information on our aging population and their needs.Great way to educate yourself and gain cc's for registration. Thouroughly recommend.
Great online training course for continue learning for trainers who work with clients with pelvic floor challenges. I've been in the industry for several years and took the Pelvic Floor Essentials. Highly recommend for trainers training older clients.
Such a wonderful experience completing both my Certificate III and IV in Fitness with Fitness Education Online (FEO). I am located in Sydney so the choice of training organisations was vast. Of all the choices, FEO was the clear favourite, and it was definitely the right decision. The course structure is great, it was very affordable, the support is accessible when you need it, and you walk away with sufficient knowledge to work in the Fitness Industry. I recommend FEO to anyone who is looking to become a Personal Trainer. You will not be disappointed.Thank you!
I have just completed my cert 3 and have already started my cert 4. Coming from a small country town I never thought I would go back to studying after my last certification accomplishment over 10 yrs ago but I now know NEVER to say NEVER.I really enjoyed the course and the support from the FEO team they were helpful on any given occasion and made this experience enjoyable.Suzi
Great content with easy to follow video deminstrations. Easy to access course online. The Body Weight Essential Course was fun. It was a reminder to get back to basic exercises to stay strong!I really liked it👍
I live on the Gold Coast and am studying my cert 3 and 4 in fitness with FEO I am so impressed so far with my learning experience 😍 I am studying online as I work full time and it’s all been so easy to get going, I am most impressed with the fact they cater for all learning needs Visual, audio and literature it’s all very explanatory and informative and my modules are marked within 24 to 48 hours and support straight away by phone and about an hour or so by email 🙌I have studied before online and it was such a bad experience I ended my study, I was hesitant to enrol in another course but so glad I have, I highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Recently I completed A couple of CEC COURSE : Training Females Level 1, Training Females Level 2 & Nutrition Essentials for Fitness Professionals. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, these courses provided informative, accurate & current information to help me train my current & future clientele. To survive in this industry it’s essential to keep up to date with your knowledge, FEO delivered the courses in such a great way that made learning enjoyable & definitely easy to fit into what time slots are available between clients & life. I recommend their courses to all fitness professionals to keep their finger on the pulse !!
I have just completed FEO Cert 3 in fitness, the course was super easy to follow with great video support from Jono and Travis, thanks guys. If your interested in getting into the fitness industry this is the course for you 🙌🏻
I have been a group & PT trainer for 40 yrs & a Remedial Therapist (AHA Physio & remedial massage) for 30 yrs. I completed the Mobility Essentials Level 1. The practicality of the course is applicable to all my modalities & blends well with my Kinetic Link Training programs. I highly recommend this course to all trainers & therapists to increase their understanding of movement. Thanks JP 👍🏻
I have been in the fitness industry for 9 years. Always looking for ways to keep knowledge relevant and up to date. This was a great course, with excellent content, that all fitness professionals would benefit from, especially those looking to work with older clients. I really enjoyed the viewpoint from all the presenters that aging can be a positive process and so much can be done to maintain a healthy mind and body 😊
I recently did the Programming Essentials Level 1 course which was great as I have had a 9 year break from personal training. This was great as a refresher or for anyone new to the industry as it went a little more in depth of concepts that we have been taught in Cert III/IV in fitness. Looking forward to putting some of these concepts in place and also doing more courses through Fitness Education Online.
Recently completed cert 1&2 in training older adults. I have been in the industry for 7 years and teach predominantly older adults and just wanted to increase my knowledge around the subject. I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to complete the course in my own time. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in training with older adults.
Studied my Cert III with FEO, the course was well delivered with lots of resources to assist, really enjoyed the practical components. Certainly recommend to anyone thinking of doing their course online!
An experience & a course provider to brag to fellow trainers about. Loved the presenter in Travis & his presentation & of course models demonstrating moves throughout the whole course. Given me some newer tweaks to add to my current classes. Strongly recommend f.e.o courses to all fitness professionals. Thanx Travis, Jono, Nicole & all the F.E.O ambassadors.
I have just finished my cert 3 and now I’m moving onto my cert 4, I have really enjoyed the course because there is so many resources your never left wondering or confused. I have tried another company and it had no where near the amount these guys have. I would suggest this to anyone look for any type of course from these guys
The course is amazing structured so well and love the addition of being able to attend parts of it on zoom and meeting other students!
I completed the Resistance Band Essentials course and really loved it. Very informative and so many resistance band exercise as well as workout ideas given. I'm already planning to incorporate more resistance band exercises in my PT and group training sessions.
I just finished the Training Older Adults Level 1' course and looking forward to completing level 2. I've been a personal trainer for 7 years and have been training older adults throughout that time. I highly recommend any personal trainers or fitness instructors who train women over 50 years of age to do this course. I've learnt so much more about how a woman's body changes pre and post menopause and the importance of strength training, balance and coordination and how to keep it fun. It highlights risks and preventing falls, how to train clients with chronic illnesses and fun movements for anyone, including those with limited mobility or a chair bound. Highly recommended.
I have a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and have been in the industry since 2011.I recently completed Nutrition Essentials for Fitness Professionals through Fitness Education’s online learning platform. The information provided was very detailed and different from the general nutrition information we hear all the time. I recommend this course for anyone that has a client that doesn’t fit in a neat little box and requires a referral to an allied professional for specialized assistance. The format of the course is also flexible for professionals that don’t have a lot of spare time and need to fit it in where they can. Highly recommend!
I’m a PT in Sydney Australia and I’ve been a PT since 1994. I have just completed the Pregnancy and Post Natal Course with FEO. It was highly informative and I’d recommend all PTs do this course to be able to train pregnant and post natal women for positive outcomes.
I've been in the industry since 2018 level 1 training special population course is a must for any trainer .I love how each speaker runs additional course so you can go off and learn more in a chosen area. I looking forward to starting level 2
Just completed the Training Principles of Fat Loss. Course was highly educational, and provided a different aspect and way of looking at things to this topic. Thoroughly recommend this course to any trainer who has clients struggling with this. Keep up the good work FEO.
I worked previously as a mobile PT for 10 years but have been away from the industry for some time. I took the Online Essentials course because I know that is how I want to restart my business this time around. I would recommend this course to anyone that is thinking of training clients online, individually, in groups or selling prerecorded packages. I loved that FEO was able to simplify what is actually a quite complicated topic due to the infinity of variations. They gave a clear and concise overview and in a way that was very inspiring and motivating. I really enjoyed the interviews they had with other online trainers who had so many great tips and I really enjoyed how they picked a range of different training styles. I got the course on sale so it was amazing value too. Thank you!
The course was well set up to be able to work at your own pace and choose sections that work in for the time I had. Great range of experience and knowledge to be able to see which areas I would like to delve into more.
Training Clients with Upperbody Injuries-The course was great. 👍🏼Information was useful & well paced. The ability to download notes alongside videos was really helpful & made it easier to work through content.And examination process was fair & reasonable.I enjoyed that I was easily able to undertake the course easily as I'm relatively time-poor, & the self paced delivery really worked for me.I've already got the Training Clients with Lower Body Injuries course ready to go next.Thanks again.
I am a personal trainer, who has been in the fitness industry for almost four years (1 year as a self employed PT). I have just finished the Online Essentials course which was my third short course with Fitness Education Online. By far it was my favourite! I liked the recommendations given throughout to help sort through the overwhelming amount of information for trying to move online. It has given me a few strong starting ideas and places. Although the information I found of greatest benefit and my favourite part of this course was hearing from other leading trainers and business people who have successfully made the transition to online coaching and branched out even further. The sky really is your limit when you dare to dream big. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to grow their knowledge, business or to one day transition to online coaching. Thanks to the team at FEO for putting together such an insightful course 👏
After spending many years as a PT, I find fitting in time to continue study has been difficult. Since arriving in Brisbane from the UK and settling up my own business this has been even more so.However finding Fitness Education Online has been great. I have been able to set aside a little time in my week, to complete my initial course with them 'Training special population'. It has been pretty simple to go back each time and complete a couple of hours study, put it away and begin again, whenever the time allows. This has been such a great way for me to learn but not feel under pressure of time frames. I would highly recommend this course for all and CPD, especially for those with limited time in their busy schedules.👍
I have been in the fitness industry for almost 40 years .l found the seniors course to be one of the best l have done over the years and would highly recommend anyone in the industry to have alook at what they offer . l searched courses through google and came across Fitness Education check it out you, won't be disappointed.
I've just completed Cert 3 in Fitness. I've enjoyed being able to work at my own pace and have a variety of options for assessments. I would recommend using FEO for anyone that needs flexible study opportunities!
I have recently completed the Cert III in Fitness through FEO and am based in the ACT. I advocate this organisation to anyone that wants to work in the industry or increase their knowledge in all things fitness! The library of resources and support from the friendly team of experts is second to none, I highly recommend!
I’ve been in the fitness industry well over 25 years and I am based in the Ryde area as a gym manager . I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend this to my colleagues.Very informative, with great supportive links and attachments.
Training Speacil Populations 1 & 2 , definitely informative course , very comprehensive information. Highly recommended whever you are new to the industry or wishing to update your qualifications .
I completed Cert III and Cert IV with FEO. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and experience of the trainers as well as easy to understand content. I highly recommend completing Cert III and Cert IV with FEO to anyone looking at getting into the fitness industry or anyone who has a passion for fitness and would just like knowledge on the basic mechanics, body systems, nutrition etc!After completing the certifications, I completed FEO’s training women’s package which was awesome for both male and female coaches/instructors and have me some insight into how I should be training and considering life changes of women from all ages.I have continued my study with completing my Level 1 Australian strength and Conditioning Accreditation in which I would not have known about if it wasn’t for FEO.The level of support and communication has been amazing.I am now coaching CrossFit, weightlifting and Group Fitness classes.Honestly FEO is the best training provider I have come across in all my years of studying. Could not be more grateful!!✌️
Hey there - Have just completed the Training Menopausal and Peri Menopausal Women course. Thoroughly enjoyed this course and now feel amped to help my clients and pass on all my new found knowledge. I recommend anyone working with clients over 40 should look at doing this course. I am currently a PT working at Baycity Gym in Napier and excited to start sharing my knowledge. Rachael Chadderton.
Just finished my Suspension Training Module for Personal Trainers and loved it. I've been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years in Melbourne and was happily surprised to have learnt some new exercises to do with my PT clients. I highly recommend this course for any PT wanting some new ideas to use with either their one on one sessions or with small groups.
As a group fitness instructor of a range of ages the Perimenpause and Menopause Training appealed to me. As well as the course being easy to follow I was pleased i had no time constraints and my 1 enquiry through the course was replied promptly.I'd recommend this to women that like to be educated in their train ing in this age bracket
I just completed the course Menstrual Cycle Essentials: How to train women around their monthly cycle. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, I loved that it was at my own pace and was packed with important information. I also loved how Mish (the lecturer) gave scenarios and questions at the end on how to bring this topic up with clients and how to respond to their answer which was so so helpful. I would definitely recommend this to every personal trainer or fitness instructor females AND males as this information is so so important to help women during menstruation. Even if it’s for you’re clients it’s so interesting to know for yourself as a female trainer or even as a male trainer for females in your life!
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If you’re looking for Fitness Bootcamp marketing strategies, or you’re wondering ‘How do I get more Bootcamp clients’? Or maybe you want to know how to market your fitness class? At Fitness Education Online we have a wide range of CEC courses that help Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals grow their Bootcamp!


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Want to offer a different workout environment for your clients? Working out in a gym is great but others prefer to be exercising outdoors with a group of like minded people in their community.

Bootcamp training is considered more fun then the average session in the gym, learn different games, workouts, partner drills and marketing to make your bootcamp a success in your local community.

Our Bootcamp Course is our best seller at Fitness Education Online. Register today and get qualified and receive your CECS

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Ever thought of starting up an outdoor bootcamp or currently running one? Incorporate fun and challenging exercises for your members to keep them engaged and back for more.

Learn workouts that are not only challenging but effective for your sessions.

Our course covers all the components of a successful bootcamp including creating a community that is supportive of each other’s goals. Learn how to do this step by step with our online certificate courses for bootcamp training.
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Let experienced outdoor fitness instructors show you how bootcamp training and coaching is done. Take the online certification opportunity we offer at Fitness Education Online. Our bootcamp fitness training courses cover all relevant topics, from risk management and progression and regression techniques to cardio, strength and endurance drills. You’ll also take a written assessment afterwards (no video assessment required). After you’ve completed the course, you will receive your certificate and CECs within three business days.

Get accredited as a bootcamp fitness instructor, and finally open a programme that can attract new customers and more revenues for your business.
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It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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