Outdoor Exercises Has Never Been More Fun

Ever thought of starting up an outdoor bootcamp or currently running one? Incorporate fun and challenging exercises for your members to keep them engaged and back for more.

Learn workouts that are not only challenging but effective for your sessions.

Our course covers all the components of a successful bootcamp including creating a community that is supportive of each other’s goals. Learn how to do this step by step with our online certificate courses for bootcamp training.

Exciting and Challenging Workouts

Want to offer a different workout environment for your clients? Working out in a gym is great but others prefer to be exercising outdoors with a group of like minded people in their community.

Bootcamp training is considered more fun then the average session in the gym, learn different games, workouts, partner drills and marketing to make your bootcamp a success in your local community.

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Let experienced outdoor fitness instructors show you how bootcamp training and coaching is done. Take the online certification opportunity we offer at Fitness Education Online. Our bootcamp fitness training courses cover all relevant topics, from risk management and progression and regression techniques to cardio, strength and endurance drills. You’ll also take a written assessment afterwards (no video assessment required). After you’ve completed the course, you will receive your certificate and CECs within three business days.

Get accredited as a bootcamp fitness instructor, and finally open a programme that can attract new customers and more revenues for your business.

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