Box till you drop- 24 mins

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Ensure you warm up all joints and major muscle groups. Include a short cardio section in your warm up to raise the heart rate.

This workout is intended as a shadow boxing/bodyweight workout. It burns between 200-300 cals in the 24 minutes for a small (60kg) relatively fit female. So calorie burn potential is higher.

Round 1:

30 seconds on for each punch, for a total of 3 minutes. No rest between punches.

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Fast in front
  • Left knee
  • Right knee
  • High knees (running)

Rest for 1 minute

Round 2:

1 minute work with 20 second rest between each punch combo. A total of 5 minutes work.

  • Jab, Cross, Upper, Hook
  • Jab, Cross, Upper
  • Jab, Cross
  • Jab
  • Cross

Rest for 45 seconds

Round 3:

2 minutes work on each punch with 30 seconds rest between. A total of 7 and a half minutes work.

  • Get down to knees stand up to Jab Cross
  • Squat and punch
  • Sit and punch

Rest for one minute.

Round 4:

3 mins total work with no rest.

  • 10 uppers …1 get up (get down onto the belly and stand up)
  • 20 uppers …2 get ups
  • 30 uppers…3 get ups
  • 40 uppers…4 get ups.
  • Continue up to 100 uppers and 10 get ups up to 3 minutes.

You are done!!!

Blog contribution by:

Hayley Warner
Believe In Health And Fitness

Hayley Warner has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 6 years. She is the owner and head trainer at Believe In Health and Fitness an outdoor and online bootcamp that caters specifically for women. Hayley also has a background in teaching, business and marketing.


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