Should Fitpro’s Have an Online Membership Site?

Should Fitpro’s have an Online Membership Site?

Written by Jono Petrohilos from Fitness Education Online

Most Trainers out there LOVE the idea of Training Clients Online… Well maybe not LOVE the idea of training clients online…  But they love the idea of passive income… or making a few extra dollars without having to be in the gym or physically train people! 

But here’s the thing… It’s not that easy :p! 

And a lot of the time – it’s actually more work! 

If you’re training someone in a one on one settings online (e.g. writing individualised programs for them / having regular meetings via zoom) – that is SUPER TIME CONSUMING… More time consuming than Face to Face! 

Which is fine – as long as you’re aware of that going in! And you’re aware that this style of online training won’t necessarily be “less work” or “passive income”!

The ‘passive income’ usually occurs when you have a program that someone can register for and then they go through the content at their own pace! 

Now that also takes a while to set up / put together… but if you’re going to do it – you may as well start now and i’ll share the easiest way to start :)! 

Step 1: Sign up to a Basic Membership Site

There are so many platforms out there that allow you to do this! Some fitness specific… Some non fitness specific… Some free… Some paid… 

When starting off, I recommend using a “course hosting platform” – ideally New Zenler (because their free version is really good)!  And you essentially create different “mini courses”.

Click here to sign up to New Zenler’s free version

Step 2: Create your first mini course

Don’t overcomplicate it. Your first mini course will be something simple like a “7 Day Core Strengthening Workout” or a “7 Day Booty Workout Guide”.

Just set aside an hour one day – take our your tripod and microphone and record 7 different 10min workouts that someone could do at home.

Upload it to your platform and you now have your first mini course

Note: You want to repeat this program regularly – every week, every month – whatever you can commit too but the goal is to have a whole range of digital assets so when someone ‘log’s into your platform’ they have

Step 3: Offer it as an “upsell” to your current clients

You’re probably already Training clients face to face – you can now add this ‘membership site’ as an upsell! E.g. you’re running a Bootcamp and charging $50 per week for it… For an extra $10 a week – your members also get access to your online platform which includes all your digital assets

Step 4: Fix up all your mistakes 

You’re never going to get it right the first time! So after a few of your clients sign up for the memberships – get some feedback! What’s good / what’s bad – what needs fixing?

Step 5: Take it to market 

You now have a membership site! You can charge whatever you like for it – $10 a week… $10 a month… $100 a month… Whatever makes sense to you! It’s an option people can use if they are not in your area… Can’t make your available times… Can’t afford your face to face… 

And from here – skies the limit :)!


BTW, if you’d like to learn more about Training Clients Online – at Fitness Education Online, we have a CEC Course on Training Clients Online! Click here to check it out! 


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