Card Killer Workout

Author: Mark Pearce

Pack of cards workouts are great for bootcamps as there is loads of options and formats and in terms of kit its great as all you can pack it all in your pocket!  Although I tend to use a white board and cones so you might struggle to get them in your pocket!?

Here’s a basic card workout I use a lot…

CARD KILLER (approx. 30-40 mins)

Equipment Required: Pack of Cards, White Board (optional)

One at a time, get each member to turn over a card from the pack, each suit relates to an exercise and the number is the number of reps to complete.  I use picture cards as 10 reps and Aces are a timed exercise.


Trainer Notes:

  • Although this is a simple session to set up and explain, it is tough and quite repetitive so it can be tough for some members.  So, plenty of encouragement is required, a bit of banter and join in your self every now and then to push them.
  • Depending on fitness levels of the group, the exact length of this session can vary so have a couple of finishers in your back pocket if you need to extend the session.  I normally use a musical finisher in this instance as it needs to be fun and light hearted after this tough session.
  • Be creative with the running aspect. Most boot campers come to bootcamp to avoid monotonous exercises like lots of running so vary the distance and take advantage of any hills/stairs you have around.  You can even combine routes, e.g. Run to tree, then to lamppost then back.

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