CEC’s – What are they & where can you find them?

Most of us that have been in the fitness industry for a while will have heard this term a lot and are very familiar with CEC’s- what they are and how they work. But for those who are just joining our incredible industry, this may sound like a foreign language. 

Continuing education is highly regarded and recognised not only by Fitness Australia but also by employers and potential clients as it demonstrates your commitment to professional development. A CEC course adds value, builds upon your soft skills, and enhances your existing knowledge on fitness that help advance your career. All those qualifications also look pretty cool next to your name!

So, what exactly are CECS and where can they be found? Let us break it down for you.

What are CEC’s?

Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).

Most industries have a registration body, whether it be fitness (Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia, FITREC), real estate, (REIA), accounting (AASB), physiology, chiropractic, etc.

The way these bodies work is that the professional pays an annual registration fee to receive a whole host of benefits such as exclusive access to sponsor discounts on courses and  insurance, fitness industry jobs, and career opportunities, just to name a few. 

The professional usually has to do a certain amount of “courses” every year to keep their registration current. The reason being, industry changes and evolves. To ensure that we stay up to date and on our game with its evolution and standards, we must continue to learn and grow through education.

These courses can be called CPDs, PDPs, CECs, CEU’s are a point system that is awarded to fitness industry education based on the quality and duration of online courses and face-to-face courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and conventions, higher education, in-house training and events that include an assessment of knowledge and skills gained and within scope of practice for AusReps (AusReps include Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Leaders and Gym Instructors who meet standards required to be registered with Fitness Australia on the official Australian Register of Exercise Professionals).

In Australia, the largest registration body for fitness professionals is Fitness Australia, and they refer to CECs.

And hey! That’s what we do at Fitness Education Online, check out our courses here.

As an AusRep, we are required to acquire 20 points every 2 years for our registration which leads to our next point-Where can I find them?

Well, the obvious answer is right here…..Us! Fitness Education Online! 

Two years rolls around quickly, so when deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars, it’s important to consider what is going to bring you the most career advancement and recognition.

When deciding what you would like to study, a great place to start is by asking yourself a few questions like:

Where is there a gap in my knowledge?  

What would I like to build confidence in?

Where is my passion?

woman taking online course

Who am I working with now and where can I upskill to help them?

We have tonnes of fully accredited online CEC courses at FEO that can be completely self-paced allowing you to complete in your own time covering everything from running Bootcamps to rehabilitation, pre and post natal to getting started online, nutrition, sales and marketing, functional courses on Kettlebells, Powerbags, resistance bands, med balls to working with special populations (older clients, kids, disabilities, obesity) just to name a few!

And if you are unsure of what you would like to do, reach out to us. We are more than happy to book you in for a discovery call with one of our education specialists.

Affiliated Education – For those who have been around the fitness block a few times, a level 2 & 3 AusRep can further develop their skills, knowledge and networks within health and recreation in line with career goals as an intermediate to advanced exercise professional with. 

Self Directed Learning – Haven’t seen a course that is of interest to you? But have read a science-based article that you believe could be recognised as CEC’s? Fitness Australia may have it included.

Audit – Like most professional industries, we are held accountable for the information that we supply. Therefore we are subject to audits, it’s always best practice to be honest and gain our credits from reputable training providers and ensure we can provide evidence of this. 

There are over 600 CEC programs and events Australia wide listed in the CEC Directory making this another great resource when looking to further your knowledge.

Fitness Australia have specific requirements – Always go straight to the reputable source!

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