Cracking the “challenge” code

Cracking the “challenge” code:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. I’m just reading over some of the notes i took at the Tony Robbins conference on the weekend. A powerful note I took is “information is useless unless it’s put into action”. I think that is SO specific to the Fitness Industry… There is more information than ever out there (and a lot of it for free) – it’s not hard to find info – it’s actually putting it into action that’s the hard part.

That’s why I always implement online “challenges” as part of a Bootcamp (e.g. Week 2 = no sugar challenge, Week 4 = at home planking challenge, Week 6 = Hydration Challenge, Week 8 = Walking Challenge, Week 9 = Accountability Challenge) etc etc. People actually have to post on the Facebook Group as part of the challenge – which has three benefits
a) Keeps them accountable (if they don’t post, you can hit them up)
b) Keeps them supported (if they do post – you “like” their post and say AWESOME)
c) Creates community and interaction in your group

One of my favourite challenges is the “Recipe Challenge”. It’s pretty simple
a) Everyone has to post a healthy recipe (ingredients and method) they ate that week (with photo evidence)
b) At the end of the week you collate these recipes together as an eBook – which you can now give away / sell online

To encourage people to particiapte
a) Everyone who posts a recipe gets a FREE copy of the recipe eBook (with everyone’s recipes on there)
b) Everyone who doesn’t a recipe gets to do 10 burpees at the end all their sessions next week :p (you don’t have to make them do this… it’s just a bit of fun to “encourage” them into posting).

The other advantage to this comp is that you can play it every challenge you do and your recipe book will just keep getting bigger and bigger and better!

We’re actually playing the “recipe challenge” in our VIP program again today! And everyone that posts a recipe – get’s a copy of our recipe eBook (we had 32 recipe’s submitted yesterday).

So if you want to test out the recipe challenge game with us first before you play it in with your clients – jump in our VIP program (it’s on special for $1)!

It’s worth it even just to get the eBook at the end of it – that way you’ve got something to entice your clients with!!!

Check out VIP membership program here. Use the code brenda when you sign up to get your discount.


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