Don’t do this….

Don’t do this….

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. So I wanted to talk a little more about exercising while pregnant (sounds funny coming from me right :p)! Apart from the pre screening and warning signs – the next important thing to know is the ABSOLUTE DON’T’s! Now I say “absolute” but nothing is really absolute… Every person is different and every pregnancy is different… So the tips i’m going to give below are still “general” but if I have a pregnant woman in any of my sessions – I would not do any of the following…

– High impact / jerky movements (e.g burpees)
– High intensity / long duration sessions
– Sudden change of intensity and position (e.g. burpess)
– Any exercise that involves breath holding (stress this)
– Any exercise that places excessive stress on the abs / pelvic floor (e.g. sit ups, crunch’s, planks)
– Stretching beyond comfortable range of motion
– Weight bearing activities beyond comfortable range of motion
– Exercises lying supine for extended periods of time
– Any exercises that will increase the risk of fainting
– Contact activities (e.g. some warm up games)

So a lot of the above are common sense and fairly easy to modify… e.g. if you’re running a HIIT session – the client wouldn’t train at “high” intensity – they would go at a “moderate” intensity… If you’re session runs for 60mins – your client may only train for 45mins… Have a few “go to” exercises that the client can use at all times – the popular one is the “bird dog” / “4 point kneeling” and it’s variations – it’s a good exercise for balance and core without placing a “huge” amount of stress on the abs / pelvic floor and the client is not in a supine position… I’d also recommend bringing a resistance band to training as it’s a good way to add moderate resistance to the session without any of the above happening! I also strongly recommend you give your pregnant client a list of the “do’s” and “don’ts” so if they are performing a particular exercise – and they feel any of the above – they know to stop!

So if you’re pre screen properly, are aware of the warning signs and don’t use any of the above contra-indications in your session than your sessions will be much less risky for a pregnant woman to participate in!

In saying that though… If you are going to be training a pregnant / post natal woman – i would strongly recommend completing a CEC course! The basics aren’t enough and if you’re not 100% certain and what to do and what not to do – it’s not fair on your client… And chances are – insurance won’t cover you anyway!

If you haven’t completed a course on pre/post natal women yet, check out ourPregnancy / Post Natal Training course on special. Check it out here.

Now we would love you hear from you. In the comments below, let me know your opinion. Do you feel comfortable working with pre/post natal women? Do you accommodate them in your sessions? Have you done a course? Let us know in the comments below.

That’s all for today! Before you go, be sure to get our5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.


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