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Easter Bootcamp Ideas

July 20, 2021
2 minute read

Looking for some Easter Bootcamp Ideas? You’re in the right place :p ! 

Holidays are always a great way to vary up your Bootcamp – whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo, Australia Day, 4th July etc etc… 

Now believe it or not, Easter is actually the hardest of the holidays to come up with a themed workout for! All the other days have specific music you can play… On Christmas, play Christmas music… On Australia Day, play Australian Music… On Halloween, play songs like Thriller and Ghostbusters etc… What do you play on Easter? You don’t really have much of a choice… 

Same thing with dressing up… On Christmas, wear red and green… On Australia Day, wear green and cold… On Halloween, dress up as something spooky… Easter, we can’t really dress up… 

So we are relying solely on the workout… But that’s ok

Easter Bootcamp Idea #1: Warm Up

Have you played Rob The Nest before? If not it’s an AWESOME game and it works well for an Easter Bootcamp! Simply instead of using “cones” whatever you usually use, use Easter Eggs! Now it’s up to you as the Trainer, whether you let your clients keep the eggs at the end of it or not – that’s a whole nother argument but either way you’ve got options :p!

Easter Bootcamp Idea #2: Main Workout

20min AMRAP 

5 Burpees

20m shuttle run

Repeat for 20mins

You can obviously input any exercises you like in the workout, as long as they spell out “Easter”. 

The letter “e” for explosive – could be anything e.g Explosive Push Ups, Explosive Lunge Jumps, Explosive Medball Slams etc. You’ve got two “e’s” in Easter so you can have some fun there. 

The letter “a” for alternating could be anything e.g. Alternating Lunges, Alternating Mountain Climbers, Alternating Single Arm Kettlebell Swings etc). 

“S” is the easiest letter ever for exercises e.g. Sit Ups, Squats, Star Jumps, Side Planks, Side Lunges, Swings, Slams… I could go on forever.

There’s a heap of exercises that begin with T e.g. anything TRX (e.g. TRX Rows, TRX Push Ups, TRX Bicep Curl etc), anything Triceps (e.g. Triceps Extensions, Tricep Dips, Tricep Kickbacks) and then you’ve got things like Toe Taps, T Lift, “T’s” with a Resistance Band etc 

“R” is pretty easy too… Anything Resistance Band (e.g. Resistance Band Tricep Extension, Resistance Band Row, Resistance Band Bicep Curl etc), anything “reverse” (e.g. Reverse Lunges, Reverse Bear Crawl, Reverse Plank etc)

If you want to make the workout a little more fun

  • Every 2mins, the Trainers timer goes off and all participants perform 20 star jumps
  • At random intervals, the Trainer will tap a participant on the shoulder and that participant needs to perform 10 Medball Slams and then they continue on with the workout.

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