Ep92: How to run a successful PT studio with David Misfud

Welcome to FitPros Guide to Growing Their Fitness Business Podcast!

In this episode of the FitPros Guide to Growing Their Fitness Business Podcast, Jono Petrohilos interviews David Mifsud about “How to run a successful PT studio “.

At 20 David became a PT and 9 months later was the highest paid trainer in his commercial gym. He opened his own studio 2 months after and at 21 grew it to a multiple-6 figure facility. David is currently running a studio with over 200 members and clears over $40 000 in revenue each month… and now he teaches other trainers how to do the same!

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Website: https://linktr.ee/davemifstud

Note: Podcast episodes are hosted by either Jono Petrohilos, Travis Mattern or Claudia Li

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