How to run Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers

Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers

If you’re a Personal Trainer and you’re looking for some help in running your Facebook Ads, that is a service we offer at Fitness Education Online.


The way the service works

  • We will set up your Facebook Ad based on our successful formula
  • We will monitor the Ad for two weeks while it’s live
  • On the completion of the two weeks, we will show you how to duplicate the Ad, so you can run it again as many times as you like
How to run Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers

What we need from you

  • Once you register we will send you over a form to complete with all your business details (e.g. where are you located, who’s your target market etc)
  • You will also be required to send us over some images we can use on the Ad (we will give instructions on the type of images that are working at the moment)

What we will do

  • Select the appropriate targeting
  • Write the copy
  • Write the headline
  • Select the images that will perform best
  • Create the Ad
  • Monitor the Ad while it’s live to make sure it’s performing
  • Show you how to check how the Ad is performing
  • Show you how to download the leads


How much money will you need to spend on Facebook Ads?

It’s completely up to you, our recommendation is to spend whatever the cost of ONE client is for you. For example let’s say your offer is a “10 Week Group Training Program” and you charge $300 for the 10 weeks. In that case we would recommend you spend $300 on Facebook Ads. That way all you need to do is generate ONE client and you’ve broken even. Two clients is a 2 x ROI.


What sort of results will you receive? 

Most of our clients get leads for around $5-$10. So that means – if you spent $300 on your Ad, it should generate you 30-60 leads.

How many of these leads will actually sign up?

You should expect 10-20% of the leads to sign up. So let’s say you spent $300 on your Ads, and the Ad generated 30 leads ($10 leads). Worse case scenario, 3 out of the 30 will sign up, giving you a 3 x ROI. Best case scenario, 6 our of the 30 will sign up, giving you a 6 x ROI.

What happens if the Ad doesn’t deliver these results? 


If your ad doesn’t generate you leads for $10 – we will refund your money.

How to run Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers

Let us set up and run your Facebook Ad!

How to run Facebook Ads for Personal Trainers

How do I get started? 

We would like to touch base with you personally before agreeing to run your Ads because we want to make sure we can guarantee you these results. Simply enter your details below and one of our team will be in contact with you.


Why market with Facebook Ads? More than just the ‘Boost’ button

Using Personal Training Facebook ads offers a wide range of advantages, especially when you know how to utilize its powerful tools. Here are five reasons for Personal Trainers like you to make the most of social media’s massive reach right now:

You gain insightful data from Facebook reports and analytics.

With Facebook ads, you get unlimited access to the important social media marketing metrics to make the necessary adjustments to your ad campaign. You won’t have to play any guessing games, because you have the facts neatly laid out for you to interpret. Apart from having an accurate data source and comparing it to your business goals, how should you move forward?


Using the data on your ad campaign’s weekly reach, volume of engagement for every post, number of page likes or reactions, and various other performance metrics, you can better understand how to optimise your social media strategy to gain more clicks, conversions, leads or sign-ups.


Gain ROI faster with the right data analysis and relate it to your current strategy. Track the right metrics and measure the relevant data to come up with high-performing Facebook ads.

You get to target your ideal audience with Facebook Ads.

What makes Facebook Ads such an effective marketing tool is its capacity to target users according to an extensive set of filtering options. Whether you’re looking to reach users who are interested in fitness, or those whose behaviours lean towards making big life changes, or even of a specific demographic – these are all possible. Microtargeting also enables you to seek out the audiences of your competition.


By narrowing down your ideal audience, you get to sift through the Facebook users who aren’t too likely to be in your sales funnel. The quality of your target audience is always going to be more significant than its quantity. Create the perfect target market for your Facebook Ads and increase your cashflow right away.


Given the massive volume of Facebook users and this exclusive advertising feature, where else can you find such a runway?

target audience through facebook

You can achieve your business goals through personalised ads.

Facebook Ads enables a step-by-step ad creation, which covers the type of ad post, your target audience, a timeline and a budget. The platform allows you to personalise your ads and posts through a variety of ways, such as your business goals. Are you looking to build your online following or are you trying to create more conversions? Do you intend to make more traffic to your website or are you wanting to generate engagement? Build your Facebook ad around these goals and achieve business success.

  • Gain ROI faster with the right data analysis and relate it to your current strategy. Track the right metrics and measure the relevant data to come up with high-performing Facebook ads.
  • You can potentially get more sign-ups through the use of organic reach.

    If it’s any worth mentioning, as a business page owner on Facebook, you should be aware how only a handful of your fans, followers and subscribers can see your posts. With this decrease in visibility, you’ll need to allocate some budget for social media marketing. And combined with the right strategy, you won’t have to wait too long before ROI.

    You have the capacity to do remarketing.

    Reaching your target audience is one thing, but getting them to execute an action, such as a simple Facebook like, follow, or subscribe is another. Remarketing enables you to reach the users who have previously engaged your posts. This sustains the momentum of your marketing efforts and keeps the touchpoints between your brand and your target audience more frequent, effectively allowing for success.

    remarketing facebook ads personal trainer

    Fitness Education Online: Your Key to Social Media Marketing

    Facebook ads for fitness businesses on social media can seem like a simple thing you can do on your own – and indeed, you can! However, when business is going a little too great and time is of the essence, or life just hits too hard, there are going to be moments when you feel overwhelmed. This is where Fitness Education Online can help.


    Get more out of your Facebook Ads with the right branding campaign and reach more clients today. Feel free to send us a message for any questions and watch out for more blogs like this in the future. Keep grinding!