Facebook for Bootcamp 101

Facebook for Bootcamp 101!

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. Monday was my last ‘official’ function as a full-time teacher. We had our teachers ‘Mad Monday’, which was out on a house boat on the Port Hacking River. We were lucky to have good weather. I had a blast, a really nice way to finish off 5 years at the school.

As I was saying yesterday professional development plays an important part in evolving a growing any business. This week I’m sharing with you some simple and effective strategies to make the most of your Social Media presence.

Yesterday I shared some simple strategies you could use with your Facebook community group, for former and potential clients. Today I’m going to share with you some important strategies you can use for your Facebook VIP Group, which is for your current paying clients.

Before I share a couple of tips, the most common question people ask is ‘what do I do if a client stops training with me?’ – ANSWER – Remove them from your VIP group and make sure they’re in your community group instead. Your VIP Facebook group should be exclusively for paying clients.

Creating engagement in this group is the key to success. Studies have concluded that member in a group like this are more likely to attend training and therefor achieve results. So here are some strategies to help create engagement in your VIP Group:

– Get to know you ‘ice-breaker’ games at the beginning of each challenge. For example, make them share a photo of themselves and write 3 statements. Two need to be true and one false, and get the other participants to comment guessing which one is the fake one. Extra tip: make sure you start and post a photo of yourself to get the ball rolling.

– Run a specific online weekly challenge for the duration of your training session block or training cycle (we always recommend 12 Week Challenges). This is another great way to get client participating and can also easily be rolled into an online exclusive challenge. Here are 3 simple online challenges you could run:
1. The no sugar challenge.
2. The walking challenge.
3. The healthy eating challenge.

As you can see, with the weekly challenges and creating engagement and keeping your clients accountable, you can provide them with extra value which is exclusive to your paying members. If you wish to see step by step how to run the no sugar challenge, the walking challenge and many other challenges, check out our Membership.

To register ? just click here to access?Fitness Education VIP Membership.?
Note: register today and use ?travis? as your coupon code and you?ll get your first month for $1 (cancel anytime)

Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you have a Facebook VIP Group just for clients? How often do you post content per week? Let me know if the comments below. I?ll see you next time, till then ?

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