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August 27, 2017
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So I'm a huge fan of continuing education (hence why I run a company about it :-p)... I really believe the only way to get a head in business is to learn more... The more you know, the more people can help you and the more you can help them!

I'm constantly doing 3 things to help me learn:
a) I'm ALWAYS doing a course or program
b) I read for a minimum of one hour every day
c) I listen to podcasts whenever i drive or walk (minimum 30 mins per day)

If you're a Bootcamp Instructor and looking to up skill I recommend 3 areas:
- Bootcamp
- Kettlebells
- Suspension

Bootcamp obviously speaks for itself - if you're running a Bootcamp or thinking of running a Bootcamp and you haven't yet completed a course on it, I'd get on that ASAP!

Kettlebell Training and Suspension Training are the next step because they are our two biggest tools as Outdoor Bootcamp Trainers! This is our bread and butter and what differentiates us from trainers in the gym! Plus these two tools are super portable and easy to carry around in our car!

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About The Author: Jono Petrohilos
Online Course Creator I 2020 Fitness Australia Educator of the Year

Jono is the co-founder and director at Fitness Education Online. Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

Fitness Education Online is also the admins of the largest Facebook Group in Australia / New Zealand for Fitness Professionals (Fitness Education Online Community Facebook Group).

Jono is also a qualified Exercise Physiologist, best selling author (The Bootcamp Blueprint), and the host of the successful podcast “Fitness Education Online Podcast”.

Jono is the current 2020 Fitness Educator of the Year (awarded by Fitness Australia)

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