Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions – Ken Blanchard

Bad Trainers avoid feedback at all costs… because they are worried it’s going to negative… And they are probably going to stay bad trainers because they don’t know what they need to improve…

Average Trainers look at feedback like a test… the more positive the feedback, the better they “scored”… and they are probably going to stay average because as long as they getting a decent score… they don’t see a reason to change…

Amazing Trainers actively seek out the negative feedback to find that 1% that they could be doing better… and then they improve on that! Which is why they are amazing!

Me personally… I love “negative” feedback… I don’t care whether someone score’s me a 1/10 or a 9/10…


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My answer is going to be same either way…
“What could I have done better / differently to be a 10/10”?
Because there’s no point in getting upset / depressed about the person who gave me a 1… I can’t go back and change their experience…
I can improve my service so I never get a 1 again!
Thoughts ?
How do you look at feedback ?

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