Fitness Education Online Educator of the Year Finalist Named

Congratulations to all Fitness Education Online Educator of the Year Finalist!

The winner will be announced Friday 3rd December in the Fitness Education Online Community Facebook Group. 


Finalist 1: 

Mish Wright (MishFit)

Melbourne, Australia

Course: Training Women Aged 50+


Finalist 2

Sean McCrory (Sub30)

Perth, Western Australia

Course: Sub30 Core


Finalist 3

Kirstyn Campbell (KC Fit)

Christchurch, New Zealand

Course: Pelvic Floor Essentials


How are the finalists chosen? 

At the end of each course, Fitness Education Online have a “Feedback Form”. In the Feedback form students are asked to give the courses a rating on a scale of 1/10 (10 being the perfect course). The courses listed above had the highest average score from an external Fitness Education Online Educator. 


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