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Fitness Industry Award Rates 2021

October 27, 2021
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Fitness Industry Award Rates 2021: Summary

The fitness industry award is designed for employers and their employees in Australia working within the fitness industry. The award defines the tasks and minimum payment for each classification, and it’s critical that business owners follow the fitness industry award rates. 

When it comes the fitness industry award, we want to be clear this is not our specialty. The goal of this blog is to give you a general overview of the award and some things to consider. 

For further / more in depth information, your best resources are either Fitness Australia or the Fair Work Ombudsman. If you’d like to see the award on the Fair Work Ombudsman website – click here.  Note, this blog was written on the 21st October 2021 so if you’re reading anytime after that, they award may have changed. 

Award Summary


The fitness industry award rates cover anyone employed within the fitness industry in Australia. This includes fitness centres, fitness classes, weight loss centres, golf driving ranges, and dance centres. This list is by no means extensive, so ensure you check whether you are subject to the fitness industry award rates if you are unsure. 


The aim of the award is to set out a classification structure with the tasks that employees can perform at different skill levels. Every employee in your organisation will be covered within the structure, which has corresponding minimum fitness industry award rates. Any changes to these rates and guidelines must be agreed upon in writing by both you and your employee.

Employee Classifications

The fitness industry award rates split employees into various categories:

  • Full-time employee – Engaged in work for an average of 38 hours each week.
  • Part-time employee – Works a specified number of hours each week, which is less than 38 hours but more than three hours. The number of hours and days worked will be agreed upon in writing by the employer and employee.
  • Casual employee – No regular or systematic employment or expectation of scheduled hours. They will be paid the hourly rate of a full-time employee with an additional 25% on top of the ordinary hourly rate on Monday to Friday, or 30% extra on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.


For leading hands and supervisors, the standard rate is the minimum weekly wage for a Level 3. If you are at classification Level 4A or lower, there are additional payments of $24.98 per week for supervising 1-5 employees, $34.14 for 6-10 employees, and $45.80 for more than 10 employees. When an employee is required to work overtime of over one and a half hours, they must be provided with a meal or a meal allowance of $12.35. When an employee’s vehicle is used for work-related purposes, this requires a payment of $0.78 for a car and $0.26 for a motorcycle.

A broken shift will result in an additional payment of $14.16 and excess fares of $1.95 a day for an expense-related allowance. First aid duty offers employees an additional $2.66 extra per day on top of their standard wage. When it comes to clothing, an employee must be reimbursed for purchasing and laundering clothing unless it’s provided by an employer at the start of their employment. If travel is required during working hours, employees must be reimbursed for fares, and any travel time is deemed working time.

Sleepover rates should also be considered when looking at the fitness industry award rates. Sleepover refers to a continuous period of eight hours that requires the employee to sleep at work. They must be offered a meal room, bed with privacy, toilet, and bathroom. This should only take place with one week’s notice unless an emergency occurs. The sleepover allowance is the same as three hours payment at their ordinary rate, and the employee must not be required to work more than eight hours before or after the sleepover shift.

Payment of Wages

Wages must be paid either weekly or fortnightly unless an agreement is in place for monthly payments. Wages should be paid in cash, by cheque, or by electronic funds transfer. When payment is made by cash or cheque and the employee is enjoying a day off, the payment must be paid at the latest on their next working day. If an employee works more or less than 38 hours in a week and you are working with an average payment scheme, a credit must be issued for excess hours worked each day, and a debit is made for absences.

Higher Duties

When an employee is asked to perform work of a higher classification, they must receive the fitness award industry rates for that classification.

Hours of Work

Ordinary hours of work can be worked over any five days each week. The hours that can be worked are from between 5 am to 11 pm Monday to Friday, and 6 am to 9 pm on Saturday and Sundays. Ordinary hours must not exceed an average of 38 hours weekly over four weeks. Shifts should not last over 10 hours each day, but employees can be rostered to work a broken shift. Broken shifts can only be split into two parts of at least three hours, with the day lasting no longer than 12 hours between the two shifts and break. When it comes to the roster, an employee must be given at least seven days’ notice of their schedule, except in the case of an emergency.


Each employee in your organisation needs to be given an unpaid meal break no later than five hours after the start of their shift. This should last between 30 and 60 minutes, but in the case of them working over their break, they will be paid 200% of their minimum hourly wage until a break is given. Each employee must also be given a paid 10-minute rest break between the start of their day and meal break, and the meal break and the end of the working day. This doesn’t count for casual employees working less than three hours per shift under the fitness industry award rates.


Overtime refers to days that exceed the limit set out in the fitness industry award rates, including more than 38 hours per week and 10 hours per day. For part-time employees, this includes any hours not set out in the contract. Employees will be offered 150% of the minimum hourly rate for the first two hours on Monday to Saturday, increasing to 200% after this. On Sundays, the standard rate is 200% of the minimum hourly rate.

Penalty Rates

As well as overtime, penalty rates will be paid for full-time and part-time employees working at the weekends. This will be 125% of the minimum hourly rate on Saturday, increasing to 150% on Sunday. For public holidays, this increases all the way up to 250% for full and part-time employees, and they will be subject to a minimum of four scheduled hours on these days.

Fitness Industry Award Rates Tables

Below you’ll find the pay rate tables for the different employee categories. As a guide, Cert III qualified instructors are Level 3A, and Cert IV qualified personal trainers are Level 4A. If you are unsure whether a team member is a contractor or employee, this simple tool from the ATO will help you to work it out.

Adult – Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

Fitness Industry Award Rates 2021

Adult – Full-Time and Part-Time Employees Overtime Rates

Adult – Full-Time and Part-Time Employees Overtime Rates

Adult – Casual Employees

Adult – Casual Employees

Adult – Casual Employees Overtime Rates

Adult – Casual Employees Overtime Rates


Fitness Industry Award Rates 2021

Both employees and employers can benefit from learning about the fitness industry award rates. Make sure you keep yourself up to date with any changes in the industry to avoid any issues with payments and allowances for you and your team in the future.

For further / more in depth information, your best resources are either Fitness Australia or the Fair Work Ombudsman. If you’d like to see the award on the Fair Work Ombudsman website – click here.  Note, this blog was written on the 21st October 2021 so if you’re reading anytime after that, they award may have changed. 

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