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Fun Boxing Workout Ideas You Need to Try

June 4, 2017
4 minute read

Hey guys! It’s Travis here today with a few boxing workout ideas. There are 2 fun boxing drills that I would like to share with you: 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off for 2 rounds each (so 2 rounds for the boxer and 2 rounds for the pad holder). I like to mix it up so both the boxer and the pad holder do a bit of running so they both feel like they’re working out the entire time as opposed to only when boxing.

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Boxing drill 1: The boxer works through 10 straight punches, 10 uppers and 10 highs. Then, the pad holder is going to lunge until our fist cone which is set up at a third of the basketball court, then the pad holder runs a shuttle and comes back so the boxer can do 20 straight punches, 20 uppers, 20 highs. While the pad holder works through their activity, the boxer does 3 rear lunges or jumping lunges (6 in total) and then they go into jump squads until the pad holder is finished. And then it’s 30 of each punch.

Boxing drill 2: The second drill is more of an ab-based drill, same concept: 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off. We have the boxer on the ground and the pad holder standing. This time we’re going two to tens sit ups (2 punches, 4 punches, 6 punches, 8 punches and 10 punches). Then the pad holder does squad jumps to that first cone and runs to the end of the court and back while the boxer is holding a plunk. Once the pad holder gets back, they go again until the time runs out.

These drills are great to keep high energy in the room and to make both participants work hard in your Bootcamp. Both drills end up going for about 20 minutes.

Apart from them, though, there are plenty of other boxing workout ideas you can try. We list more of them down below.

Boxing drill 3: Shadow Boxing

If the boxer wants to improve their speed and power, shadow boxing is a great drill to include in their boxing workout. It’s also great for practising their punches and combos.

Start by choosing four different combos and shadow box using them for 15-second intervals. Repeat the drill for 3 to 5 rounds with a 30-second rest between each one.

Boxing drill 4: Under the Line

A great drill for practicing the boxer’s dodging and ducking, the under the line drill requires a slackline to complete.

This drill involves advancing back and forth down the line for one minute straight while throwing a combination of punches. For every move to the right side of the line, step with your right foot, knees bent and bring your body across the line through a duck and weave. Then throw a cross with your right arm. After that, move back to the left side of the line by stepping with your right foot, knees bent and a duck and weave. Then, throw a left hook.

Keep in mind that the boxer cannot use their upper body to duck across the line. They move on either side of the line through squat steps to the left and right. Perform this drill for a minute straight and repeat for 6 times.

Boxing drill 5: Punch and Crunch

A great core training exercise, punch and crunch sounds just like what it’s called—throwing punches then doing crunches.

Start by having the boxer go into a crunch position, legs bent, both feet and their upper body on the floor. The boxer lifts their head, bends both arms upwards, with their fists near their face. Then, they throw a punch from each arm across their body and follow it with 2 crunches. Repeat with increasing number of punches up to 10 punches. Then, reverse the drill, starting at 10 punches and 2 crunches until they are down to the last 2 punches.

Boxing drill 6: Horse Rider Stance Punching

Practice the boxer’s balance while throwing a punch with the horse rider.

Start this drill by having the boxer place their feet shoulder length apart. The boxer then bends their knees at 90 degrees while keeping their back straight and their fists at hip level. This is the horse riding stance. Once in this position, perform 10 straight punches in quick succession. Shuffle forward, repeat the punches, shuffle back, and repeat it again.

Boxing drill 7: Domino Effect Drill

Perfect for doing drills with a larger group of people at a boxing bootcamp, the domino effect is a fun little drill that also lets the boxers work on their footwork.

Start by dividing the participants into 2 groups—pad holders and boxers. Have them stand opposite each other. Then, the boxers will perform 10 straight punches on the pad holder opposite them, then move to their right to the next pad holder. The person on the farthest right will peel back from the line and sprint back to the first pad holder on the opposite end.

Do this until the original pairings are in front of the other again or for 2-minute rounds if your group is smaller. Take a minute of break, then swap pad holders and boxers and repeat the process.

Boxing drill 8: Tabata Finisher

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that involves a hard work out for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest with the whole drill repeated for 8 rounds, equivalent to 4 minutes.

Swing shift using a kettlebell is a great finisher for a boxing workout. Simply swing the kettlebell for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this eight times through.

I hope you enjoy today’s workouts and give them a try.

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