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Functional Training Certification Courses

Why settle for one specialisation when you can become a certified fitness professional for multiple functional training disciplines? Fitness Education Online gives fitness instructors and personal trainers the tools to broaden their customer base and increase their earning potential. Choose from our functional training courses below.

What Is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness exercises (also called functional training) are not like weightlifting and other workouts that engage parts of the body that aren’t usually in motion. The goal of functional training is not to tone muscles or burn fat but to ensure that the body is capable of performing “real-life” movements and activities. For example, functional workouts include squatting, lifting, pulling, leaning back on your weight, and more.

In theory, these functional fitness routines are easy to perform. There is, however, a catch: the exercises must be done while using certain gym equipment. As a fitness trainer, you have to be the person in the room who’s most capable of performing functional exercises correctly. You can learn how to become one by earning a functional fitness training certification from Fitness Education Online.

The Benefits of Functional Fitness Training Courses

Earning CECs for functional fitness benefits professionals in so many ways. You can:
  • Maintain your membership in industry organisations that require continuous learning through CEC certifications
  • Become qualified to offer functional fitness training on top of your other specialisations
  • Increase your clients’ range of motion and improve their balance and posture
  • Help your clients be more productive and physically active, improving their quality of life
  • Attract more clients and add to your possible income streams

This course takes your fitness expertise to a higher level. Case in point: a physically fit person can deadlift 50kg weights in the gym without breaking a sweat, but pull a muscle when they lift a 5-gallon water container into a dispenser. Your clients will quickly realise the importance of functional fitness training and look forward to your classes or book your services for one-on-one training.

Our Online Functional Fitness Training Courses for Trainers

Fitness Education Online offers five CEC courses on functional fitness. Each of these is recognised by the industry organisations in Australia, such as FItRec, Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia, and REPs in New Zealand. All courses are 100% online and may be completed at your pace. Enjoy lifetime access to resource materials as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Become a master at using kettlebells for full-body muscle stretching and workouts. Kettlebell exercises help burn fat, build strength and tone core and arm muscles. Learn how you can devise a workout program that will be effective for your clients’ individual needs.


Suspension Trainer

If you’ve invested in this piece of equipment, you must know how to use it extensively and optimise it for your clients’ benefit. There’s so much that you can do with a TRX suspension trainer: standing exercises, leaning exercises, strength training and resistance workouts, for example.


Battle Rope

Learn how to work out like a superhero (and teach it to your clients, too) by getting certified for battle rope training. Battle rope exercises are integrated into HIIT Full-Body Workouts, which means you’ll have one foot through that door if you complete these courses.



Offer something new and exciting to your regular clients by earning CECs for mediball training. Medicine ball workouts can do wonders for the core, abs, arms, shoulders, back and thighs. With this course, you’ll also learn how to put together these exercises that can attract new clients.


Power bag

Open your business to a broader audience by offering power bag (also called sandbag) workouts; but first, get certified by taking a power bag training course here at Fitness Education Online. This course is highly recommended for personal trainers who wish to build a clientele of bodybuilders.

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