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How to close more sales

August 31, 2017
3 minute read

Hi guys! It's Jono here today. This week I was in "sunny" Melbourne for a sales conference! Funny story... I was at Sydney Airport waiting for my plane to Melbourne and someone yelled out to me "Jono, it's Jodie - I'm in your Facebook Group and I'm actually reading your email now". And then I got to meet her and her husband Rob (hey guys! You better be reading :-p)!

So if you've been following me a while, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of continuing education / personal / professional development! I see it time and time again - people who start off with nothing but then continuously educate themselves end up super successful (providing they put what they learn into practise).

I was off to Melbourne to attend a sales seminar with Gulliver Giles. I'm part of his "mastermind" group! Gulliver basically runs a sales seminar every quarter and his mastermind students get to go for free!! Although it's not really "free" because it costs a fair bit to get in his mastermind.

I like working with Gulliver because he taught me a lot of about the positive side to sales and that sales is about "love"... A lot of people think of "sales" as a bad word which i think is wrong offensive... I actually get a little angry when I hear things like
"Learn how to "sell" without "selling" - making out like "sales" is a bad thing... It's the same way I feel when i hear things like "get fit and lose weight without exercising"!

Sales is about "love"... and that you actually care enough about your prospect that you want to help them better their situation! and that you're willing to actually get on the phone with them, give up your time, have a genuine chat about THEM and THEIR goals and see if you can help... The more you care about your prospect the better you will be sales!

It comes down to the old saying "people don't care how much you know - until they know how much you care"! You can make a Facebook Post or send out an email - giving people all sorts of good info... but if you don't show them that you care about them - they don't care!

As Personal Trainers - we are usually VERY good at showing our clients we care... We'll text / call and congratulate them if they are doing well, we'll text / call them if they haven't been to training, we'll be there to support them, we'll be there for accountability, we'll be there for motivation...

BUT a lot of the time - we don't do this for prospects...

We'll call a lead once and if they don't answer leave a text and leave it at that... Would you do that with a client? No way - you'd follow up multiple to see they haven't been to training!

Or we'll call a lead and they say their busy so we jut quickly rattle off some prices - they say they'll think about and then you never speak again... You wouldn't treat your client like that... If they said - they were too busy to train but still wanted to get fit... You'd say "well hey.. that's probably not going to work... let's come up with a plan that fits in your schedule"!

I could go on and on :-p... I'll take a couple live videos while i'm in Melbourne :)! But my bottom line...

The best way to improve your business is to make more sales! To make more sales "love" your prospects more... Treat them just as good - if not better than your clients because "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care"!

If you want to learn sales / marketing skills specific to your bootcamp - that's part of what we cover in our Bootcamp courses! That's what makes our Bootcamp courses different to anything else out there

- there are other bootcamp courses out there BUT they focus more on the workout side of things
- there are other sales and marketing courses out there BUT they are not specific to bootcamp AND they don't include the workout side of things

Our courses include both! We actually have a special offer on today!

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