Halloween Themed Workout

Halloween Themed Workout? A workout to DIE FOR mwahahaha…..;)

So you may be thinking, being that it is only August isn’t it a little early to be planning a halloween workout? Well maybe, but we at FEO love a good themed workout, we love an opportunity to dress up and add a little more fun to our training regimine and so do our members!

Halloween is a great choice when it comes to creating an awesome themed workout  as one of the most important aspects to a themed workout (in our opinion) is the music playlist.

You can simply search “halloween” on Spotify and a whole list of related songs will come up like Highway To Hell, Zombie, Thriller, Ghostbusters, Monster and Disturbia etc.

Another important aspect is the promotion of the workout leading up to it.

Build excitement and anticipation about a  week before by sending out text messages, posting in your facebook group and letting your crew know that on this day you have a KILLER Halloween workout and playlist and would love it if they dress up and have fun with it! 

I like to schedule my themed workouts on a Saturday so that those who would like to partake in the festivities have plenty of time after and are not trying to scrub their makeup off frantically before work and allow time after to have a laugh and engage with each other after.

Check out our workout below. As always it’s just a guide for you to get ideas or simply use it all. We’ve chosen the exercises and numbers of reps in line with the spooky theme!

Starting with a 13 minute AMRAP and a Ghostbusters FINISHER!









This finisher always gets a laugh, and is an awesome way to empty the tank at the end of class.

There are 3 exercises that will be performed during the Ghostbusters song, star jumps, burpees…or boo-erpees 😉 and squats jumps.

How it works –  when the music starts, everyone performs start jumps, when they hear the word “ghostbusters” they stop and do 1 burpee and then resume with the star jumps, and when they hear “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” they perform 3 squat jumps before once again resuming their star jumps. 

Make sure you take lots of pictures and share them with your members, they will love seeing their team having fun!

And if you decide to do this workout with your crew, please let us know how you go!

Loren Bakker 

Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
PT business owner
Yoga Teacher

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