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March 9, 2022
4 minute read


Loren here from FEO!

Excited to share with you one of my favorite workouts from our VIP group.

I did this ripper of a workout with my online crew this morning and they absolutely loved it: the HIIT Mix

What's cool about it is that there are five different HIIT drills -

First a 4 minute skipping TABATA, next is 60,40,20 pushups, third is a 4 minute agility ladder tabata, fourth is a 10 minute 30:30 resistance and cardio interval set and then finally a 5 minute EMOM.

Now I love a traditional circuit, but by mixing up the timings and focus really makes for a different than the norm and a whole lot of fun, rather than just doing Tabata for the whole session, or an EMOM which we tend to do as trainers… usually thinking that it will be easy for our participants to follow…and looking over this session at first, my initial thoughts were - man there's a lot going on, will they understand and be able to get a great workout from it? 

The answer is YES!

This session can either be done completely in partners or as individuals, depending on your equipment at hand. As I did this online, my crew did it individually and we swapped the agility ladder tabata for a core tabata. 

I've spoken to our VIP trainers who have taken this session with their clients and they say they prefer it done as a partner workout as it gets their guys interacting with each other and is super engaging!

Check out the workout video here 🙂

The way it works:

Start with your usual 10 - 15 minute warmup.

DRILL 1 - SKIPPING TABATA 20:10 X 8 (4 minutes)

Single Skips x2

Side to Side x2

High Knees x2

Star Jumps x2

Not everyone will be able to complete these movements, as always assess your crew and just have them complete what they are comfortable with and that will get them a result.

Encourage your participants to go as hard as they can in the first 20 seconds, completing as many skips as possible before the buzzer. Then when they repeat it, get them to try to beat their score from the first round, and then do the same again when they do the side to side. 

First 20 seconds of the side to side as many as they can, to then beat it in round 2. 

Let them know that the average is around 2 -3 skips per second so try to work toward that or beat it!

And so forth until all skipping movements are completed.

Rest for 1 minute before moving onto the next drill.

DRILL 2 - 60, 40, 20 PUSHUPS (4 minutes)

Partner 1 - 60 seconds pushups - Partner 2 motivates

Partner 2 - 60 seconds pushups - Partner 1 motivates

Partner 1 - 40 seconds pushups - Partner 2 motivates

Partner 2 - 40 seconds pushups - Partner 1 motivates

Partner 1 - 20 seconds pushups - Partner 2 motivates

Partner 2 - 20 seconds pushups - Partner 1 motivates

For the first 60 seconds, partner 1 will do as many pushups as they can whilst partner 2 motivates them. When the buzzer goes partner 2 starts their 60 seconds of push ups whilst partner 1 motivates them to complete as many as possible before the buzzer goes and they then switch again, this time smashing out as many pushups as they can in 40 seconds, switch, then repeat for the final 20 seconds of pushups.

Now what is most important in this drill (technique aside) is the motivation part.

It's a super simple and effective drill, but super boring without the team work!

Really emphasize the importance of encouraging and pushing each other through.

1 minute rest and then move onto drill 3.

DRILL 3 - AGILITY LADDER TABATA 20:10 X 8 (4 minutes)

Singles x2

Side to Side x2

High Knees x2

Star Jumps x2

What you’ll notice here is that it's the same movements as the skipping tabata, making it super easy to coach if working with partners. Doing the singles for 2 intervals, the side to sides, high knees and the star jumps at the same time as those on the skipping station.

And again like the skipping station have them do as many reps as they can on the first interval of a movement then have them beat it second time through.

DRILL 4 - RESISTANCE/CARDIO 30:30 X 10 (10 minutes)

Partner 1 - KB SWING 30 seconds Partner 2 - Skipping (singles) 30 seconds (or agility ladder)

Partners Switch X2

Partner 1 - KB Squat Hold 30 seconds - Partner 2 - Skipping (side to side) 30 seconds (or agility ladder)

Switch x2

Partner 1 - KB Lunges 30 seconds - Partner 2 - Skipping (high knees) 30 seconds (or agility ladder)

Switch x 2

Partner 1 - KB Rows 30 seconds - Partner 2 - Skipping (star jumps) 30 seconds (or agility ladder)

Switch x 2

Partner 1 - KB Bridge 30 seconds - Partner 2 - Skipping (singles) 30 seconds (or agility ladder)

Switch x 2

As you can see we have chosen to use KB’s. To compete in partners you will need to have a 1:2 ratio of KB’s. If you don't, simply make the resistance exercises bodyweight ie. squats, lunges, bridge hold, push ups etc.

Setting your time to go off every 30 seconds, partner 1 will complete 30 seconds of the resistance exercise whilst partner 2 does their cardio. When the buzzer goes, they switch straight away and partner 1 is now doing cardio and partner 2 is doing resistance. They will repeat the same exercises twice before moving onto the next exercise…..back to back work for 10 mins!!

Once again using the same skipping and agility movements, let them choose which they would like to use!

1 minute rest.

DRILL 5 - 5 MINUTE EMOM (5 minutes)

1 Squat Jump

1 Burpee

1 Plank shoulder tap (each shoulder)

1 V sit

Every minute on the minute, they start with 1 squat jump, 1 burpee, 1 plank shoulder tap and 1 v-sit.

They then go back and do 2 squat jumps, 2 burpees, 2 shoulder taps and 2 v-sits, then 3, 4, 5 until the buzzer goes for the next minute.

When they start the next minute they go back to the start completing 1 rep of each, 2 reps of each, 3, 4, 5 resetting and restarting at 1 rep every minute.

And there you have it! A brilliant HIIT mix that we know your people will love. 

Make sure to ask them how they found it, what they liked the most, what they found the toughest etc.

Please let us know if you give it a go!


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About The Author: Loren Bakker
Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness | PT business owner | Yoga Teacher
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