History of The Australia Fitness Expo with Shaun Krenz


1995-1998 FILEX

In 1995, the Australian Fitness Network launched the first ever Fitness Industry Leisure Expo (FILEX) at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney. 

Originally FILEX consisted of both 

  • The “fitness convention” (which was tailored towards helping fitness professionals upskill) and 
  • The fitness expo’ (which consisted of a trade show focused on educating the general public / fitness enthusiasts). 


These two components were later split into completely separate events run by different companies. The ‘convention’ being referred to as “FILEX” and the ‘expo’ being referred to numerous different names over the years (usually with the word ‘expo’ included). (1)

1998 – 2001: The Gatorade Fitness Expo

In 1998, the exhibition took on Gatorade as its major sponsor and was renamed to the Gatorade Fitness Expo. (2)

2001 – 2010: The Australian Fitness Expo

In 2001, the exhibition had a rebrand and the name was changed to the “The Australian Fitness Expo”. (3)

In 2004, the ‘expo’ component was sold to the Australian Exhibition Services (now Diversified Communications Australia). The Australian Fitness Network continued to host the FILEX Convention and hold it alongside the expo. (4)

In 2009, qualified personal trainer, Shaun Krenz joined Diversified Communications and played a major role in its future – opening up to the ‘expo’ component to the general community.

2010-2014: The Australian Fitness and Health Expo

In 2010, the expo was rebranded again and the name was changed to the “Australian Fitness and Health Expo”. (5)

During these years, the exhibition expanded from a one-off annual event to a three event per year portfolio, with annual events established in Sydney, Perth (launched 2013) and Melbourne (launched 2014). (6)

2015 – 2016: Fitness and Health Expo

In 2015, there was another rebrand and the name was changed to ‘Fitness and Health Expo’ (the word ‘Australian’ was dropped) and also expanded from three events per year to four with Brisbane being acquired in 2015. (6)

In 2016 Talk 2 Media & Events acquire the event from Diversified. (7)

2017-2020: The Fitness Show

In January 2017, there was another rebrand with the expo being renamed to “The Fitness Show” and Perth being removed from the circuit. (8)

May 2017 also saw Reed Exhibitions Australia acquire a majority stake in Fitness Show Pty Ltd (Fitness Shows) from event operator T2M. (9)

In July, 2020 Director of the Australian Fitness Show, Shaun Krenz announced that he was stepping down from his role as Director. Later that month Reed also announced they would no longer being continuing the fitness show. (10)

2021: Fitness + Wellness Australia

In 2021, a new tradeshow for the Fitness Industry was announced “Fitness + Wellness Australia” (FWA). The inaugural event will be held in late November at the International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour. In April of 2021 Fitness Australia announced they would partner with the event. (11)


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History of The Australia Fitness Expo with Shaun Krenz


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