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How can you make a difference? – show them the money!

December 1, 2020
3 minute read

When it comes to working with businesses, they often don’t know what they want or need as an  organisation. This is where you need to be prepared with your menu of services. If the business, you  are talking to has no HR department then they most likely don’t have the resources to work on their  health and safety policies in the same way a large business would. 

Again your support here is crucial to the success of the programme you bring to them. 

1. Think about the key areas of you business that will suit a company that is looking for a health  and fitness professional to support their work force. 

2. Perhaps narrow it down to 3 key services that you want to offer them. Too many more than that and they will have “options overload” too much choice can be a bad thing.  3. Drill down on what those services deliver to the business. Be precise, find your data to back  that up and perhaps suggest that they run these numbers against their own numbers.  a. For example, if you know you can improve the absenteeism rates by 1 days per person  then claim it! This number then need to be multiplied by the average dollar per hour they pay from their payroll and you’ll be able to tell them how much they will have  saved over the course of the programme.  

E.g. let’s say there is a team of 50 = 50 days [50×8]=(400hrs) x $20/hr = $8000 SAVING!!!!! 

So if you programme costs $5000 for the duration and you have saved the company $8000 then they  are still $3000 better off that there were before they hired you. These simple sums really help a  company owner decide that the programme you are selling if worth it’s weight in gold.  

There is plenty of evidence out there that shows the efficacy of health programmes in business. You  just need to be able to demonstrate that yours does delivery this kind of return. If you haven’t done  any in the past where you have captured the numbers, then this will be difficulty but not impossible.  

Harvard have studies, Monash have studies, you just have to be able to convert the theory into  practice or at least show the relevance of the numbers you find and how they relate to your  programme.  

There are lots of free resources on the net for businesses to use to empower their teams for example  ‘Superfriend’ is a place I have found some good ideas and systems to run programmes to give them  some structure. So don’t feel you have to reinvent the wheel there are often good items out there  already that give you inspiration for ideas you can bring to your programmes that sit along side the  things you already know. Just make sure you don’t plagiarise them but create your own version for  the market you are trying to reach. 

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About The Author: Richard Ellis

He has a track record for profit improvement and an ability to think on his feet, with corporate and franchise establishment experience.

Rich, following his strong passion to help others improve their health and well-being, has moved into the health and fitness industry.

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