How to Get Clients For Your Personal Training Business

We interviewed Scott Hunt, founder and owner of Fitness Enhancement.

Scott has been a Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast since 1999 .

With just $400 in his pocket, he started what is now the largest Mobile PT franchise in Australia, servicing over 2000 suburbs with hundreds of Personal Trainers.

Scott’s TOP THREE TIPS for how to get clients for your Personal Training Business

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  1. Build Trust

Of course this is always important, but especially in a mobile business when going into clients homes, they need to feel good about having you there.

Do what you say you will do, be reputable and look after them.

  1. Google

Make sure Google says who you are, ask your clients to post reviews to reinforce who you are as a trainer and your brand, not what you do in your personal life. If you receive one negative review, and you have 20 great ones, it won’t harm your business, focus on continuously building your great google reviews.

  1. Sell the perks of being mobile

Highlight what your gym competitors cant do

Talk about the convenience of having a personal trainer in their home, no commute, easily working around kids and a huge perk, training in privacy.


About Fitness Enhancement and their Personal Training System

Are you struggling to get enough clients to make a great living as a Trainer? Are you paying rent to a Gym and getting nothing from them except a nice facility where you have to compete with other Trainers? Are you spending forever trying to market your business when all you want to do is train clients? Do you want to grow your business beyond being a one-man show? Are you looking at becoming a Trainer and opening your own business but not sure where to start?

If it’s a YES, then joining forces with Fitness Enhancement may be the solution for you. They not only solve these problems, they save you time, money and stress so you can spend more time helping people and having a work-life balance.

You can find all the info here – Personal Training with Fitness Enhancement.




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Blog distributed by: Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt

Personal Trainer & owner of Fitness Enhancement Personal Training.


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