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How to Get Motivated to Grow your Business

February 16, 2018
2 minute read

Hi guys! It's Jono here today. I'm really into Personal Development and a common phrase that comes up is something like this:

"We are a slave to our habits"

"We are a reflection of our habits"

I believe this 200%! That's why I make sure that my "habits" are healthy and productive ones! Because if I'm going to be a slave to my habits, I may as well make them good ones ,right? I couple of habit's I've made myself a "slave to" are:

- Personal Development: I read a chapter of a book every morning and every night
- Personal Development: I spend (about) an hour every evening dong some online learning (i'm always enrolled in an online course.. and as soon as I finish one.. I purchase another straight away)
- Fitness: I lift weights 3 times a week (with a trainer... so I couldn't back out even if I wanted too)
- Fitness: I do 2 mobility sessions a week (one with a trainer... and one is a class.. so I couldn't back out even if I wanted too)
- Sales: I send out an email 9:30am every Monday - Thursday, giving as much value as I possibly can!
- Sales: I call and text every single inquiry 3 times (once a day for 3 days), and every person that answers I chat to for a minimum 15mins getting to know them and giving as much value as I possibly can!
- Facebook: I do a "live video" every Tuesday 4:30pm in my Facebook Group, giving as much value as I possible can (if you missed yesterdays post on Medballs, reply to this email and i'll tag you in the post)
- Instagram: I spend 30mins every day on Instagram, scrolling through my feed, interacting with anyone I follow, leaving positive comments on their Instagram! I also send out 10 Direct Messages to Instagrammers I have never met that look like potential clients!

I'm lucky in a way in that I know exactly what my goal or my why is. My goal is to "motivate / inspire 1000's of people to make a decision and take an action that will improve their life"

I find just by doing those little tasks, consistently and habitually, everything else falls into place... It's almost impossible not motivate / inspire someone if I do those things... and it may seem like hard work... but what I've found is once it becomes a habit... I don't even need to think about... It's just like brushing my teeth or washing my face in the morning, I just do it naturally.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and also remember to get our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.

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