How to Grow Facebook Group To 15000 Members

The easiest sales you’ll ever make are people that already in your network…

Eg… if I’m selling something to someone in this group… I usually do it via a few DMs… in between sets at the gym… or in between Tinder swipes… There’s nothing easier… and if the person is a fit – it’s like a 99% chance they’ll sign up… coz they already know, like and trust me! (Well… at least know and trust anyway 😜)

But if I’m selling to someone that hasn’t met before… that’s hard work… I need to sound professional, educated, confident, polite etc etc… and if even if the person is a fit… it’s a 10%… maybe 20% chance at best that they’ll sign up… the program is perfect for them… but I can tell they just don’t trust me (fair enough… they haven’t met me)

Now I’m a good position because I run a group with 15,000 members… So even if I posted an offer that wasn’t that appealing… atleast 1 person out of 15,000 is gonna be interested!

But… the issue most people have… they don’t have a network of 15,000 people…

And that’s a common question I get asked… “jono, how did you get 15,000 in this group”…

And the answer is quite simple… it’s literally math…

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(Simpified Version)

– Every week since 2015 we have put $500 a week on FB Ads
– From that $500 we get get approx 50 inquiries
– Of those 50… MINIMUM 1 will sign up on the spot for a $500 course (so we’ve made our investment back)
– The 49 people that don’t sign up – join our FB Group
– After 12 months – that’s 2,500 members
– After 2 years – that’s 5,000 members
– After 5 years – that’s 12,500 members
Etc etc

And with this system – not only are you growing your network for free… but you’re also building trust… the longer someone is in your network – the more likely they’ll be to buy!

And if you’re thinking…

“Wow… $500 a week for 5 years… that’s a lot of money”…

Not really… because you’re making it back immediately…

It’s like a vending machine…

Imagine this…

You put a $1 in a vending machine and it gives you a packet of chips… ANd it gave you your $1 back too… so you put your $1 in again, get another packet of chips and it gives your $1 back again…

You repeat this 10 times… and it keeps spitting out your $1… have you spent $10? Or did you spend the same $1, 10 times…

If you use this system… you’ll have the best of both world… Paid Traffic AND Free Traffic!

If you want to start using this system…

But you don’t know how to use FB Ads… or you’ve used FB Ads before and they sucked…

For this week ONLY I’m going to set up Facebook Ads for 10 people in this group!

One time offer… I’m probably never going to do again because it’s abit of a pain in the ass 😂😂

5 people have already committed – I’ve got another spots left !

If you’re interested – email us at

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Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

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