How to make money every single time you run a facebook ads

Facebook Ads when done properly… Should be like an ATM… that never runs out of money…

If you’ve ran Facebook Ads and you HAVEN’T made money from them… chances are

A )You either tried to do it yourself and you haven’t been trained in how to run them and your therefor your Ad was rubbish and you didn’t get any leads / clients from it


B ) You hired some “expert” to do them for you… and they had no idea what they were doing… And they ran a bad ad… and you didn’t get any leads / clients from it

 It’s the same as fitness… if someone wants to lose weight… and they have never exercised in their life, they have no idea what they are doing and they try do it themselves… they are probably not to going to lose any weight… and they will probably hurt themselves in the process…


 It’s not that “exercise and nutrition” don’t work… it’s that this person didn’t do it properly because they didn’t know…


Facebook Ads should look like this

  • Your Ad spend should be what a new client is worth to you…

Eg let’s say you run a 10 week bootcamp and charge $50 per week x 10… A new client is worth $500 to you…

  • You should therefore spend $500 on a FB Ad
  • If you use my system – you’ll generate about 50 leads (approx $10 per lead)
  • Approx 10-20% will sign up immediately after you contact them (so in this case around 5-10 people)

So you’ve spend $500… and made at least $2500 back…

Plus you’ve got an extra 45 people in your database who are highly likely to sign up on your next promo…

Plus those 5 people who joined are most likely going to stay for a lot longer than one bootcamp… So they are actually worth a lot more than $500…

So my advice… start doing this NOW…

Before your competitor does and gets all your business 😜

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