If you’re doing this, you’re killing your business…

I used to know this guy (a friend of a friend)…

And he was actually a drug dealer..

And a couple times he got pulled up by cops… because they caught him exchanging money with his “customers” in local parks in the early hours of the morning…

And he got off every time… because his excuse was…

“What? I’m a Personal Trainer… this is my 5am client and they are just paying me for a 10pack”

…. Bottom line… Unless you’re a drug dealer… there’s better payment methods than taking cash off someone in a park…

And signing the direct debit form leaning on the tree for support is almost is bad…


It’s probably killing your sales too…

My suggestion… get payment first!

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Example… if I’ve called a prospect… and they are interested in signing up for my 12 week bootcamp…

And they’ve told me they’re keen to sign up!

There’s no way I’m waiting til Monday and hoping that they actually turn up so they can pay me…

If they have said yes – I’m taking payment then and there on the phone… either via weekly direct debit or upfront payment…

And if they are keen but not 100% in because they want to try it out first… I’ll still take payment over the phone… but I’ll set the payment to come out on Friday… so they can try me out Mon-Fri… and if it’s not for them… let me know by Fri morning and I’ll cancel the payment…

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And if they are not confident giving me CC details over the phone… I’ll simply email them over the DD form and just ask them to quickly fill it out now so I can process the paperwork..

And if they are out somewhere and can’t physically sign up… I’ll still email over the form and ask them to text me once they’ve completed it so I can confirm it’s gone through…

Bottom line… if the prospect has said yes, Im taking payment then and there…

And my no-show rate is now 0% 🙂!

So if you’re not taking payments straight away… start… and watch your conversation rates improve! 

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Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

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