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Training with Kettlebells and adding kettlebell exercises into your workouts are now a staple in every session with clients. Learning how to correctly program these for beginners at the gym for your bootcamps is essential. Become a certified kettlebell instructor today and learn the do’s and don’ts of creating an enjoyable and effective kettlebell workout that is not only fun for your clients but also challenging

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In-Depth Training and Instruction on Kettlebell Flow

 Kettlebells are great for Functional or Strength training. Whether you are using the kettlebell to improve your mobility or using it to build strength you can lift or swing kettlebells through repetitive and flowing lateral movements to help target different muscle groups. 

Take our kettlebell training courses to become a certified kettlebell instructor so you can learn the fundamentals and the science and safety when it comes to the correct technique and how to cue it for your clients.

All the courses we offer give you CEC points and certifications recognised by Australia’s industry organisations. Delivered entirely online, register today and start whenever is most convenient.

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Start with the Basics, then Become an In-Demand Kettlebell Trainer

Many fitness enthusiasts and gym members in Australia are now fans of kettlebell fitness programs. The workout they get from these exercises is so satisfying that they feel like they’re getting their money’s worth every time. Fitness instructors who are also certified kettlebell coaches have a clear advantage: customers seek out their classes, and they can get more bookings for both group and individual workout sessions.


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