Kick Boxing Combination Drills for Bootcamp

Kick Boxing Combination Drills for Bootcamp:

G’day guys! It’s Travis here today. Welcome back. Yesterday Jono came over to take some live videos for Facebook (mainly coned-based drills) and they were really fun! Jono did a bodyweight one for the Community Group and I did a Medball one for the VIP group. I definitely recommend checking them out. The drills were nothing fancy but just “fun” and “different”, which we think is important when running a Bootcamp. Especially if you like to run circuits because if all the stations are very traditional (e.g. squat variations, push up variations, etc) then it can get super boring after a few weeks. But if you add just one station that’s a little different or more fun, it can change the whole dynamic of the workout. If you missed the videos, they are in our Facebook Groups. Feel free to check them out!

Anyways, at the beginning of the week we did some kickboxing starter drills and today I want to share with you some boxing combinations for your Bootcamp. We’ll do 3 rounds, 1 minute on and 20 seconds off, adding a new exercise to each of the rounds.

Combo Round 1: After the starter, we finished with a left, right, duck, uppercut combination. So, what we’re going to do now is start off with that combination (left, right, duck, uppercut) and add a switch of the legs and a left knee.

Combo Round 2: We add a right kick. For this, the pad holder needs to take a step back so that the boxer can kick the pads with their right leg. The whole combination for round 2 is Left, right, duck, uppercut, change legs left knee, change legs right kick.

Combo Round 3: We add another hands combo at the end: left, right, hook, uppercut. So the whole combination for round 3 is Left, Right, duck, uppercut, change legs left knee, change legs right kick, and then left, right, hook, uppercut to finish off.

I really hope you enjoy this workout, it’s super taxing and it’s the perfect workout for those a bit more advanced clients who wish to challenge themselves a bit more. If you have a mixed group, offer some variations for those right kicks.

Check out the whole workout below and watch some funny moments in the end.

I really hope you like this kickboxing style drills and that you try it out at Bootcamp. Let me know in the comments down below how you liked this boxing combo workout for your sessions. Also, sure to check out our Boxing Workouts for Personal Trainers and Bootcamp here.


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