Step-by-Step Training on Fitness Sales and Marketing

Having a passion for exercising and helping people with their health and fitness is just one part of your career as a fitness professional. To succeed and continue to grow your business, we need to have systems in place to market our services to sign up clients.

To reach more potential clients, you need an effective marketing strategy that is not only simple to follow but actually works. Learn how by taking online courses on sales and marketing for personal trainers here at Fitness Education Online.

Increase Your Sales and Grow Your Business

Our sales and marketing course has helped fitness professionals in the industry learn how to properly market their services and sign up more clients. Recognised by Fitness Australia. After you complete this course you will have the knowledge to grow your business and practical strategies you can implement immediately.

Our Sales and Marketing Essentials include:

  • All the basics of fitness marketing in one package or course
  • Helpful tips from fitness marketing experts
  • Additional CECs to renew your membership with Fitness Australia
  • 100% online course
  • Lifetime access; review your course and resources even after you’ve completed it
  • Self-paced learning; start whenever and finish as quickly as you like

    Choose Fitness Marketing Courses by Fitness Education Online

    We are your top source of online certification courses for fitness professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Fitness Australia and other similar institutions in the country and NZ recognise all training courses in our catalogue. Each CEC course is put together by industry experts, giving every trainer valuable insights and practical tips on how to attract new clients, develop customer loyalty and increase revenues.

    Once you complete a course, you can get your CECs and certificate from Fitness Education Online within three business days.


    Social Media & Marketing

    Reach more people and find new clients to sign up for your fitness classes by marketing on social media. Our courses offer useful social media marketing tips, focusing on Facebook and Instagram promotions. You’ll learn a range of topics, from branding to content conceptualisation and creation. These sales and marketing courses help personal trainers and business owners alike.


    Essentials for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

    These are the leading social media marketing platforms for the fitness industry in Australia. Our platform-focused courses teach you how to get started with promoting on these sites: what to post, how to get more engagements, what tone to use when talking to your followers, and so on.

    Learn Fitness Marketing and Earn CECs Today

    Choose a course and earn CECs, to boot. Download one (or more) today.

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