Does it matter what Kettlebell I use?

Does it matter what Kettlebell I use?

I just got back from a “stretch” session! There’s a PT (Hannah) at my local gym who specialises in flexibility / mobility! She has a good business model – she trains all sorts of people for all sorts of goals (weight loss, fitness, toning and shaping etc) BUT has her specialty… So anyone in the gym that wants to improve flexibility / mobility will see Hannah! I believe every PT should have this – be “ok” in most areas but have one area where you are the best!

As an Outdoor / Bootcamp Trainer – i believe Kettlebells are a perfect area to specialise in! You want to be “ok” at everything to do with running a Bootcamp (bodyweight, trx, battlerope, medball, powerbag, resistance band etc) but you want to master ONE thing where you can just come up with endless drills, workouts, exercises and most importantly know how to teach these movements! If you can do this – clients will keep coming back!

Example – you’re running a Bootcamp and you’re a master at Kettlebells… You’ve got a wide variety of Kettlebell exercise, drills and workouts and you know how to teach the movements effectively so your clients can do them safely and effectively. Every week you can throw in different exercises and workouts… One of your clients leaves and trains elsewhere for a bit of a change… The “other bootcamp” she goes to only using Kettlebells for swings (and doesn’t teach it well), squats and presses… and they only do it in a circuit format… The client will get super bored and come running back to your sessions!

And it look it doesn’t have to be Kettlebells… You can specialise in any bit of equipment… The reason why i recommend Kettlebells is because it is the most technical and probably has the most variety too!

If you don’t have much experience in Kettlebells – the best place to start is by purchasing one yourself! If you’re not sure what Kettlebells to get – then i definitely recommend watching the video below that Travis made!

Watch Travis (the Kettlebell Guy) explain what Kettlebells to use and what Kettlebells not to use!

If you’re not currently trained in Kettlebells, Check out our Free Kettlebell Mini Series Course Here.

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