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Are you looking for more variety in your group classes but don’t know where to start? Learn to incorporate medballs into your classes with our online course that goes through the fundamentals and provides an entire library of different exercises with the correct technique that is required and “done for you” workouts that will be sure to challenge your clients.

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Specialise in Medball Functional Training

Incorporating Medballs into your fitness training will help individuals who want to train functionally and build strength. Medballs are ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients, you can modify the exercises to make it easier or harder. Those who are new to training with medballs can create workouts that are more challenging.

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Learn how to become an expert medball exercise trainer by taking our online courses on medball fitness. Fitness Education Online is a provider of CEC courses recognised in Australia and New Zealand. After completing a training course, you will receive your CECs and certificate within three business days.

One advantage of our medball fitness courses is they are entirely online. You can go through the learning materials at your own pace and get lifetime access to the training resources after you’ve finished the course. There’s no expiration date or time limit, too: you may start and finish whenever you wish.

When you become a certified medball fitness trainer, you can give your loyal clients variety and attract new customers to your group classes and one-on-one fitness training services.

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