The Mindset of a Successful Personal Trainer

The Mindset of a Successful Personal Trainer:

Hi guys! It’s Jono here today. How was your weekend? I spent all of last week in Melbourne at a Sales Conference! It was really good and I got some really good takeaways! The biggest one is definitely mindset… It’s where most people (and trainers specifically go wrong).

The mindset of a successful salesperson is:
“My Bootcamp is amazing! I get on so well with all my clients, we have such a good community that gets on so well together, we have so much fun at all the sessions and everyone who puts in the work achieves amazing results. If someone is even slightly interested in this, it is my DUTY to contact them and feel bad if they don’t register… not for myself… I’m happy either way… but for them, because I know if they registered they would have loved it and it could have changed their lives in multiple ways”

If that’s your mindset – everything flows from there!
– You’re not worried about calling someone and “annoying” them. Quite the opposite, you can’t wait to call someone and share your passion and help them change their life!
– You’re not worried about someone telling you they’re not interested because you know it’s their loss and you can’t wait to contact the next person and help them!
– You’re not worried about asking for money because you know they are getting the deal of a lifetime. The $50 a week they spending with you is NOTHING compared to amount of value, support, community, friendship and the life changing experience they are going to get with you!
– You’re not worried about “objection handling” because it’s not a matter of “rebutting / arguing / insulting” when you genuinely don’t want them to miss out on such an amazing experience!

There’s obviously a little more to sales than that… But that’s where it starts… A ridiculous passion for what you do and a love of how you can help others change their life. If you don’t have that passion about your program at the moment, that’s ok – but I would then look at changing your program around a little until it is AMAZING and life changing. Change it until you feel that passionate about it, until you believe in it, and then sales becomes easy 🙂

If you want any help in making your Bootcamp AWESOME – I’d recommend checking this program out: Mini Bootcamp Specialist (41 CECs)


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