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Musical Bootcamp Finishers I Down, Who Let The Dogs Out + More

July 19, 2021
3 minute read

Musical Bootcamp Finishers are one of my FAVOURITE things to finish my session off with! 

If you’re not too sure what a “Music Bootcamp Finisher” is – it’s simply a workout that your Bootcamp will do while listening to a particular song. It usually involves doing a particular exercise every time a lyric in the song comes up. There’s endless options when it comes to Musical Bootcamp Finishers and there’s more appearing every day – all you need to do is YouTube “Musical Bootcamp Finishers” and you’ll find a heap so in this blog – I’m just going to cover my top 5! 

Musical Bootcamp Finisher 1: Baha Men: Who Let The Dogs Out

This one is pretty simple – your Bootcamp will hold a squat and every time they hear the lyric “Who Let The Dogs Out” your participants will roll on their back and then come back into the squat hold position (it makes more sense if you watch the video).

At the most basic level, participants can use both their hands to get back up off the ground. 

If a participant is a little more advanced, they can use ONE hand to get back up off the ground.

If a participant is even more advanced, they can’t use ANY hands to get back up off the ground.

Musical Bootcamp Finisher 2: Chain Smokers: Down

Another simple one! Pair your Bootcamp up so everyone has a partner. 

Partner 1: Performs a shuttle run (approx. 20m each way)

Partner 2: Waits for Partner 1 to return 

When Partner 1 returns from their shuttle run – they ‘tag’ Partner 2 and Partner 2 performs the shuttle run. 

The catch – every time the word “down” is sung – whoever is doing the shuttle run needs to perform a Burpee. And in this song – the word ‘Down” is usually mentioned 2-3 times in a row.

What makes this drill fun is that one participant is always sprinting to get back from their shuttle run so they don’t need to do the burpee!

Musical Bootcamp Finisher 3: Moby: Flower (Bring Sally Up)

This is the Musical Bootcamp Finisher that started the whole trend of Musical Bootcamp Finishers! Chances are – you’ve probably seen this one before – but if you haven’t….

Participants hold a squat. Every time the words “Bring Sally Up” are sung, the participants come up from their squat… Every time the words “Bring Sally Down” are sung, the participants go back down and hold their squat.

You can also get creative and do this drill with other exercises for example – Push Ups, Box Jumps, Planks, V-Sits etc.


Every drill has been pretty easy so far… This one is anything but :p! 

What I recommend here is practise the drill with no music first and break it down into different components.

Component 1:

Part 1: Straights

Part 2: 1,2, Double, Double

Part 3: 1,2, Hook, Hook

Get your group to master that first.

Component 2;

Part 3: Knee’s

Part 4: Uppers

Then get group to master that.

Component 3: 

Part 5: 1,2,3, Back Hand

Only get your group to master Component 3 if they are comfortable with Components 1 and 2 – otherwise it will get too complicated for them.

Musical Bootcamp Finisher 5: Nutbush Plank

Now this is drill isn’t super complicated – it’s just the same few exercises repeated for 2-3 minutes! But it’s a long 2-3 minutes :p! There will probably only be a handful of your participants that can last the full 2-3 minutes! 

Now if you weren’t born any later than 1989 you may not have heard of the Nutbush. I know it well because they used to have to do the dance at primary school and they would play it at school discos etc! 

The way it works as a plank

Lateral Tap x 2 (L)

Lateral Tap x 2 (R)

Sagittal Tap x 2 (L)

Sagittal Tap x 2 (R)

Mountain Climber x 2 (L)

Mountain Climber x 2 (R)

Low Plank x 1

High Plank x 1



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