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Online Nutrition Courses for Personal Trainers

At Fitness Education Online, we have a range of online nutrition courses. These courses are either short nutrition courses, sports nutrition courses, nutrition CEC courses or nutrition courses for Personal Trainers.
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Nutrition Courses for Personal Trainers

Most Personal Trainers find themselves wanting to upskill in Nutrition because it is only taught at a very basic level in the Certificate III and IV in Fitness, however it’s one of the most common questions Trainers get asked by their clients and gym members. For this reason, we believe it’s essential Personal Trainers upskill in Nutrition and take a specific nutrition course for Personal Trainers - also known as a Nutrition CEC course.

Short Nutrition Courses

All our nutrition courses are relatively short in nature and not designed to replace a 4 year university degree. They are instead courses based to give individuals already working in the fitness industry a more in depth knowledge of nutrition and increase their scope of practice.
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Nutrition Courses Online Australia

If you’re looking to take a nutrition course online in Australia, it’s essential you are aware what you are and aren’t qualified and covered for. If you’re unsure – please contact us and we will inform you.
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What Other Personal 
Trainers Are Saying

It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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