Nutrition Tips for Personal Trainers’ Clients

Health and Nutrition Tips for Personal Trainers’ Clients:

Hi guys, It’s Jono here today. I landed back in Sydney yesterday morning! I’m so motivated to implement what I learned in Vegas over here! I just need to catch up on my sleep! I shared a room with 3 other trainers in Vegas. I’m well behaved and stayed in every night but a couple of the others were coming home at all hours of the night.

Anyways… What I want to share today was what I learnt in the Nutrition seminar. It’s an age-old question “what can trainers say/not say in terms of nutrition?” I love the way these guys broke it down, especially with their step 1.

Step 1: help clients with their nutrition is by recommending them to eat slowly and purposely and be aware of their appetite and hunger as well as thirst levels.

I love this because it’s is so simple (definitely within the Scope of Practise for a PT) and so effective! Everyone wants to get the latest diet with no sugar or no fat or one where you can eat pizza every day as long as you intermittent fast etc etc! But unless the client is pretty advanced, a lot of the issues come down to things like:
– simple overeating
– simple eating until “stuffed” instead of eating until satisfied
– scoffing down food so quickly – you don’t even get to enjoy it!
– drink more water (some people can get fooled by thinking they are hungry when they are thirsty) instead of drinks with calories!

Take a look at this video I posted in our Facebook Group where I comment about what I took from the 2 days of the conference about nutrition and health tips for Personal Trainers’ clients.

We have a FREE Nutrition ebook with some guidelines you can follow to help your clients. For your free copy make sure you click here.


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